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Why More and More Women are Switching to Sports Bras

04 Oct 2022     posted by Marathon Clothes

There was a time when runners only concentrated on choosing the right running wear and shoes for their daily running routine and only 15% of women wore sports bras for running. Recently, it has been found that the percentage is only increasing, and for some really good reasons.

Achieving the Goal: Support

With each stride you take, your assets move up and down, and when you have large busts, you experience more jiggles and bounces. While this is already painful and uncomfortable, it becomes worse with everyday bras. Sports bras coming with solid features give your girls the support they need. They are designed in such a way that their unique shape and textile parts help cover your breasts to absorb shocks and restrict too much horizontal movement. The wide straps equally distribute the weight and don’t create any pressure points on your shoulders.

Better Than Crop Tops?

Crop tops are good for medium or small breast sizes. They are fast and convenient to wear and can often be worn alone for races or simple short summer runs. However, sports bras are perfect and just the best for not only women with large bust sizes but for anyone (credit goes to their appropriately shaped cups). A well-known sports bra manufacturer not only makes them available in different styles and designs but in different sizes as well! They are so good that they can be easily adjusted for better support and fit.

Just the Best For Running

Bust support should be given in such a way that you feel your best while running. The sports bra should be chafing-free and should have great moisture-wicking properties. The running sports bras where you notice cross-over straps are the ideal choice for women as they offer freedom of motion other than providing adequate bust support.

Sports Bras That Dont Leave You Shapeless

When shopping for sports bras, take your pick carefully. Never go for the ones that can leave you shapeless and full of embarrassment right in the middle of a park with everyone watching. The racerback styles offer all the support and comfort you will need without attracting annoying stares your way.

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