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All About Marathons: A Runner’s Guide

03 Apr 2024     posted by marathon_clothes

If you are a seasoned marathoner, you know marathon running isn’t for everyone. The preparation takes almost 3 to 4 months of constant training, a significant time commitment that alters your workout regime, schedule, eating and sleeping habits. In fact, marathon preparations also need support and sacrifice from your dear ones.

Still into it? This means you consider it to be one of those epic milestones that if one can win get a sense of lifelong pride above everything else. In the US, a huge number of runners complete both 26.2- and 13.1-mile races every year.

As you might know already, out of the six world Marathon majors, the Boston Marathon is one of the most prestigious and sought-after ones in the world. Here, both elite, as well as amateur runners, cover 42.195km across some of the most famous city streets. And, the famed Boston Marathon is fast approaching with this year marking the 128th race.

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What to know about the 2024 Boston Marathon?

Since the Boston Marathon always takes place on Patriots Day, this year’s race is going to take place on Monday, April 15. Runners will be taking off from the starting line at 9:02 am and continuing in waves through 11:15 am (i.e. men’s wheelchair division). The professional men’s and women’s divisional frontrunners are expected to cross the finish line around 11:45 am and 12 pm respectively.

The Boston Marathon route begins in Hopkinton and makes its way through the suburbs, all the way to the finish line on Boylston Street at Copley Square.

And, if you are a novice with a keen interest in marathons, there are a few things that you need to know before signing up for a race. Based on factors like the terrain, marathon distance, runner’s training schedule, etc. there are various kinds of marathons that runners can choose from.

Mentioned below are different types of marathons based on their distance:

10km race – covering 6.21 miles

If you have got comfortable with running and are now aiming to start distance training, running the 10km race will be the perfect start for you. However, if you aren’t that comfortable with running yet, you should be realistic and train in a structured way to take part in such a race as even a 10km race is an achievement in itself. For such a race, men can go for a traditional tank top and running shorts while women can opt for a running top and shorts.

Half marathon – covering 13.1 miles

Running a half marathon is the next step if you have mastered a 10km run and wish to challenge yourself further. It would need you to train both mentally and physically. To run the distance, you would also need a good diet plan. For such a race type, while a running shirt and shorts would be ideal for men, women can go for a snug-fitting tank top and marathon leggings.

Full marathon – covering 26.2 miles

Once you have a bit more confidence in yourself, you can participate in a full marathon that needs you to run 26.2 miles. You would need to work on your pace as you will have to establish a realistic time goal in mind and run accordingly. Men can choose a running t-shirt and a pair of marathon pants here and women can settle down for a sports bra and shorts combination.

Ultra marathon – covering more than 26.2 miles

An ultra marathon is a race in which you should participate only once you have trained enough for it and have full faith in yourself. Here, you would need to train as per the terrain and the distance you are covering. This will need a great amount of training. A pro tip would be to train in a way where you focus on spending more time on the feet rather than the distance. Both men and women can try the uber-cool, performance-oriented ultra-marathon suits.

Stage races

Last but not least are the stage races. They happen over several days and have different formats. You can participate in one only if you are an experienced runner. If you plan on finishing a stage race, you will not only need a proper training schedule but a pacing strategy in place as well. For both men and women, a running shirt and workout shorts will be ideal here.

Exercises that can help you prepare for a marathon

Given below are three vital exercises that can help you prepare for a marathon:


Lunges work on your core, glutes, and thighs. These are helpful for a better stride and core stability (which is very important in running).


From weighted squats to sumo squats to jumping squats— every kind of squat is good for you as apart from your tissues and leg ligaments, they also work butter smooth on muscles that are not directly involved in running, which in other words means no chance of injuries.

Speed skaters

Swiftness is key when you are running a marathon and speed skaters can help you with this. It helps build stamina and coordination which also strengthens the muscles.

Taking care of yourself before, during, and after a marathon

There are certain things that you need to do before, during, and after a marathon.

Before and during a marathon…

  • You should listen to your body and not ignore the little twinges of pain here and there while working out.
  • You should stay hydrated and nourished by drinking some water and eating some snacks right before the race starts.
  • You will get chafing and blisters while running for sure, so, pack a safety kit.
  • You will need to pay attention to your surroundings while running a marathon.

After a marathon…

  • With your adrenaline pumping, your body aching, and your energy drained, as soon as you finish the crossing line, you will probably feel like sitting on the ground with a thud but that’s not a good idea. Keep moving for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Go for a space blanket as it will help maintain your body temperature post-race.
  • You would need to drink water or sip some sports drink and grab a banana for a quick snack.
  • Once you are done eating and drinking, go for a shower and get some sleep.

Marathons are a great way to challenge yourself if you are a runner. They are also the ultimate way to stay motivated and inspired. Taking part in one is a matter of pride.


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