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This is a very simple job. Browse our range and pick a product that you want to order in bulk. To put your order, fill out the order form. Please provide us with the quantity as well as any other pertinent information. Within 24 hours, we will email you to collect additional information and confirm your submission.

Marathon Clothes is one of the fastest emerging manufacturers of wholesale marathon clothing. Our collection strives to redefine the genre by combining quality and fashion, with marvel oozing from every corner of our catalog.

Marathon Clothes, a wholesale marathon wear manufacturer, is one of the fastest-rising sporting clothing manufacturers. With its extensive distribution network, services thousands of large and small companies all over the world.

Absolutely. We provide extra discounts on our wholesale goods. Please contact us via email for more information on our pricing and promos. If you discover a lower comparable price on a similar piece, please contact us and we will match it by 10%.

The type and kind of wholesale products you buy in bulk determines this. The size of the bulk order is also important. Please send us an email with the product you wish to purchase in bulk, and we will offer you a quote.

They’re made from lightweight, refined fabrics that boast smooth wicking, breathability, and a temperature-regulating function. The lightweight fabric used in the marathon apparel creates a buoyant feel that, when combined with its technological features, results in a simple and comfortable fit that is suitable for any weather situation.

To become a distributor for us, simply follow these steps:

  • Fill out our Business Account Application form with accurate facts and information about your business.
  • we receive the application, we will check it and see if it meets our eligibility requirements and policies.
  • Once our team is pleased with your submission, we can have a virtual meeting so that we can get a good understanding of your exact bulk demands, specification, and material specifications.
  • that, you can ask for a free quote for a particular set you want, as well as the distributor kit and wholesale price list.

Marathon Clothes is what you need if you want a line of private label garments with a plethora of combinations to choose from. Our private label range is constantly updated as new trends strike the markets and runways. There is a plethora of different fabric blends to explore for your store’s private label range, ranging from new design patterns to a slew of new design patterns. Each of our mentioned items is made from high-quality materials, so you don’t have to think about stuff like comfort or durability!

We are dedicated to revolutionizing marathon running and have a wide range that is cutting-edge on all fronts. From tops to bottoms to outwears, all are designed with consistency, high-performance, and versatility in mind—enhance your customer’s strides with a close embrace to comfort and, of course, style.

Customization is fun with Marathon Clothes. You visualize, we improvise and create it for you. With us, you not only get to choose from a bunch of creative designs but you do so at absolutely no design fee. The use of new fabrics and creative styles, trendy patterns can be advised by you. With quick turnaround times, you get more value for your money.