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All You Need to Know about Women’s Running Shorts

20 Jun 2023     posted by marathon_clothes

At first, running shorts may seem like a simple clothing piece but there is more to it than you can imagine. Womens running shorts wholesale brought by hardworking fitness clothing manufacturers not only makes running more convenient but has several other benefits as well. Most ladies participating in marathons love wearing them.

Before knowing what makes them so special, you should know what they are and how many types are there.

What are running shorts?

Running shorts, as the name suggests, are shorts that are used for running. These are often short and end above the knee. They are made lightweight for easier movement and comfort. Well-known and trusted manufacturers often design them with an inner lining that acts as underwear. This is basically to prevent discomfort and chafing from wearing snug-fit underwear.

Different kinds of running shorts

  • V-notch shorts

After they got an upside-down V-shaped cut-out on the leg, these shorts came to be referred to as V-notch shorts. They come with a loose fit and offer a great range of movement when running.

  • Compression shorts

Compression shorts look like cycling shorts. They offer a snug fit to the wearer and plenty of muscle support. They cause the least amount of chafing and friction on the skin.

  • Split shorts

V-notch shorts and split shorts may look the same but they are different. The V on each leg consists of overlapping fabric and isn’t sewn together. Such a design offers split shorts superb flexibility.

Why go for running shorts?

Of course, you can go for any kind of shorts but for the ultimate freedom of movement and absolute comfort, nothing can be better than running shorts. Check out a few prime benefits given below:

  1. Good muscle oxygenation and blood flow mean less fatigue. A quality pair of running shorts from a reputed manufacturer means you get a longer and faster run with less fatigue.
  2. Running (especially full marathons) exhausts your body and running shorts like compression and split, helps in muscle recovery. They also reduce muscle soreness and less soreness means you recover more quickly from muscle fatigue.
  3. Good running shorts also absorb sweat and help air to flow through the fabric. Quality materials mean less skin irritation and chafing.
  4. Running shorts such as split and compression shorts increase blood flow and this in turn increases muscle oxygenation, which results in better athletic performance.
  5. As already hinted above, quality running shorts lead to a more convenient workout. And smoother training means better running performance.

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