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Why Top Manufacturers Focus Highly On Clothing Ventilation?

15 Dec 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

If you have ever worn good quality marathon clothes, then you know what a big part clothing technology plays in its efficacy. In this blog, we are going to take a look at why manufacturers of sports apparel, focus so highly on clothing ventilation.

According to a top marathon clothes manufacturer, ventilation makes for an indispensable part of athletic clothing and here’s why –

1. It Keeps Athletes Airy And Fresh

Imagine wearing something as well fitted as compression clothes and not being able to let your skin breathe in it. Your performance would suffer a tremendous blow and that is not why people by workout enhancement clothes in the first place.

This is the reason why manufacturers make sure that all sports apparel is very much focused on effective ventilation, because that is what will give them the right kind of comfort.

2. It Adds To The Moisture Wick Ability

Merely manufacturing sports apparel with microfiber fabric that has built in moisture wick qualities is not enough if your clothing ventilation is missing! Athletic clothing manufacturers understand this and make sure that the moisture wick is put to good use with the proper channelized inflow and outflow of air during workout.

Sweating is kind of indispensable to the whole process and that is why ventilation is a must in quality clothing!

3. It Keeps You From Smelling

It is no news that microfiber clothing have a tendency to become a breeding ground for sweat bacteria and that is another reason that makes ventilation indispensable in marathon clothes. It keeps the air passing and makes sure that odors do not develop out of the blue, because that is a very embarrassing scenario, so to speak!

These are just three reasons why wholesale running clothes manufacturers focus so much on well ventilated clothing. To make the whole system work efficient, they make air vents within the clothing in sweat prone areas and create an overall light weight mesh that makes sure that it lets air pass through.

Now that you know the reasons behind it, you too should opt for well ventilated sports clothing. In fact, the best always come pre-installed with it!