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Top 5 Sweatshirts That Can Give You A Picture-Perfect Look

27 Sep 2022     posted by Marathon Clothes

With how they are styled over time, sweatshirts have made a long journey. Today, world-known fitness wear manufacturers bring such a variety in mens athletic wear wholesale that this item’s versatility in terms of personal fashion has reached new levels. Though unending options are there, make sure you have these 5 sweatshirts in your closet.

Oversized bottle green sweatshirt

For an absolute street-style vibe, nothing can come close to an oversized green sweatshirt. With it, you can achieve a fashionable and laid-back style in no time. To get a funky domineering look, choose black joggers as your bottom half. This combination will make your entire appearance stand out. Whether it’s green and black or green and white, either way, you are sure to look awesome and be the center of attraction.

Fiery red sweatshirt

A fiery red sweatshirt along with cool casual black pants is quite a simple and easy-to-wear outfit that anyone can opt for. To appear your best, never pair it with black or red sneakers, but complete the look with crisp white ones. If you are more of a ‘relaxed yet classy appearance’ sort of a guy then team such a sweatshirt with navy chinos.

Light grey sweatshirt

One of the coolest yet most comfortable outfits that you can wear is a grey sweatshirt and light blue jeans. With this look, you can leave it to others to judge whether it’s for a casual appearance or a more refined style. However, you can make it clear if you want to go for faded blue jeans for a casual look while reserving a pair of classy indigo jeans to flaunt a clean yet relaxed appearance.

Black casual style sweatshirt

A black casual style sweatshirt can be smoothly layered with a distinct men’s fashion jacket for a slightly edgy yet relaxed look. To give it an effortless feel, wear them with black thin-cut or dark navy jeans and everyday sports sneakers.

Refined navy sweatshirt

If you want a suave and all-charming look, a navy sweatshirt is what you need. The best match happens when you club a top-quality navy sweatshirt with grey jeans. These two colors look great on almost everyone. To get an Instagram-worthy appearance, just don’t forget to focus on the fit of both the clothing items.

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