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This Is Exactly How You Should Dress For Your Marathon

21 Sep 2022     posted by Marathon Clothes

When your race day is just around the corner, there’s a lot to plan about, right from what are you going to eat for your breakfast to your running strategy to what your ideal marathon outfit is going to be! While the rest of the things are still manageable, how to dress perfectly for your marathon can be ‘some task’!

To stay comfortable and concentrate solely on the performance during your marathon day, make sure you remember the tips given in this blog.

Get into Details

Think about your running needs and requirements before buying anything on impulse. Always go for clothing items that have seamless construction. Also, the products should be such that they display mesh panels in areas where you are going to require some added ventilation like underneath your arms or your lower back.

Say NO to Cotton

Remember, cotton clothes are a big NO when it comes to marathons. They soak moisture, weigh you down, and cause blisters. Be it socks or tank tops, make sure to avoid anything that is crafted out of 100% cotton. Always opt for those clothing items that are specially designed for a marathon. Nowadays, many illustrious marathon clothing manufacturers are bringing exceptional items.

Are The Accessories Ready?

Okay so you are done buying marathon clothing, but what about the extras? For this, consider what else you are going to need for the main event. Women should get a supportive sports bra for a comfortable run and in general, a duffel will prove to be beneficial for anyone. They are simply great to hold all your everyday essentials such as car keys, phone, ID, and some emergency cash. You can also include anything else that you think will be a must.

Go For Test Runs

This one point is always emphasized again and again so make sure you NEVER IGNORE it. If you are thinking about purchasing new marathon wear, especially for your upcoming race, then give it a try a few days before the actual run. Like this, you won’t have blisters or chafing during your marathon.

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