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The Essential Clothing You Need To Nail Your Half Marathon

25 Aug 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

Several half marathon preparation plans take twelve weeks. You also have to dial in your diet and optimize your revival. In simple words, prepping for a half marathon takes effort and time. Don’t let it all go to squander by sporting socks that can give you a sore in mile three.

Here are some of our much-loved half marathon clothing to keep you comfy from the start until the finish line.

The Ultimate Half Marathon Equipment Checklist

Decent running socks
Streamlined pants or shorts
Supportive sports bra
Moisture-wicking, technical shirt
The tees

One of the worst things you can do on the day of your race is trying on something new. Clothes, energy gels, breakfast, don’t do it. The other absolute worst thing you can do is sport cotton.

Cotton absorbs sweat and dries at a snail’s pace, leaving your chafing and wet. Rather than throwing on any aged t-shirt in your drawer, reach out for something like the women’s short sleeve or men’s comfort t-shirt. The shirts are made from technical fibers that wick sweat as well as dry fast, thus you stay comfy.

A solid sports bra is also an important item of gear for ladies. With a flexible back closure as well as straps, it marries a customizable fit with the first-rate comfort therefore you feel supported from mine 1 to mile 13.

Bottom wear

Similar to a decent technical tee, a pair of tights or shorts designed especially for running will offer you one less thing to think about at the time of your race.

The women’s tight offers you ankle-length coverage but doesn’t constraint your movement. Stitched from a stretchy and soft material, the ultimate tight will feel just as good at the time of your race as it does at the brewery later.

The men’s shorts are supposed to be breezy and lightweight running shorts tailored to let you move. The 5” seam doesn’t get in the way of your pace, and the free cut keeps you cool.


Running socks are crucial. Socks are the lone obstacle between your shoes and your skin. Sporting the incorrect pair can give you a blister that will wreck your race. Thus don’t hold back on the socks. Get socks that are made from high-performance yarn that’s smooth against your skin and draws sweat away, therefore your feet stay dry.

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