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Marathon Clothing 101 : What To Wear For Half-Marathons

26 Jul 2019     posted by marathon_clothes

When it comes to half-marathons, you need something which keeps you comfortable, and enhances your performance in this highly-competitive sport. The factors that will determine your clothing will eventually narrow down to what the conditions and distance will be. By temperature, we mean climatic conditions, and it can get extreme sometimes. Marathons have been known to run in the most of extreme of conditions – right from the very hot to the very cold. Even though the organizers plan these events in best conditions imaginable, there’s no guarantee that it will always be what they planned for, because it remains impossible to know how the weather will play out. Here are some helpful guidelines to note and take inspiration from while picking out the best in clothing for your half-marathons.

Technical Fabrics

The sport is getting more demanding and it is good to see that the clothing for the same has evolved according to the needs and different nuances and vagaries of this highly-competitive sport. Technical fabrics have by far, emerged as the most preferred by the majority of the runners. They enhance performance, minimize fatigue and remain without parallel in this particular segment.

Choose in tune with the weather conditions

If you are serious about running, you may as well find yourself among the legion of professionals, who religiously monitor weather forecasts just to see it might play out on race-day. Given the stakes on the line, and the competitiveness of the sport, it is natural for all runners to dress accordingly. Usually, the norm is to dress as if it’s 10 to 20 degrees hotter than what is predicted. Minimal is the way forward for the professionals regardless of the temperature and shorts and sleeveless shirts pretty commonplace for temperatures between about 40 and 60 degrees. But it remains to be said, that regardless of the norms among the runners or what others are doing, you should try everything beforehand to figure the best marathon sport clothing for you in the most contrasting of climatic conditions and stick to it.

Explore layering options

Since these events start pretty early in the morning, it is a given that the temperature will substantially change from the time you began running to the time you ended running. It’s common to see runners stick to combos which can be adjusted en route. Throwaway layers is the chosen choice for many professionals as they can be taken off anytime during the race. Whenever the Celsius is expected to drop below 30 degrees, it won’t hurt to trying layering. There are enough clothing items which will pair with your marathon essentials, and they available for sale, all around the year, in most markets of the clothing industry, right from wholesale workout to the private label workout clothing market.

Don’t forget headwear

It may not be used by all running enthusiasts but when it comes to the professionals, it ranks right next to the essentials. It’s a great way to protect your head which also regulates your temperature. It’s the only way to go if you’re thinking of getting anything to protect your head because most other alternatives just don’t get the job done. They might end up getting too steamy which would prove counterproductive to having clothing which is meant to optimize performance.