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List Of Nano-Technology Used In Activity Wear Clothing

02 May 2019     posted by marathon_clothes

Nano-technology has been increasingly used in the production of artificial fabrics to tweak the basic properties. This helps in producing highly customized pieces for specialized needs. Thus, you can find many activity wear variants that are produced using such technology. This specific scientific modification of clothing has been used not only for the quality but the performance it lends to the sports & gym outfit wear.

Thus, retailers who want to include tank tops for men in their store, can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturer in the industry. You’ll be guided regarding the availability of the clothing collection as well. Meanwhile read on to know more about the features that nano-technology lends into your activity wear.

Anti-microbial nano-silver

Silver nano-particles are anti-bacterial in nature and are widely used in the sports clothing to eliminate unpleasant odors that are caused due to continuous sweat. Not only this the bacteria that is formed from the sweat wont effect your immunity system as the silver acts as an agent that diminishes its growth. Thus for intensive workout routines, clothing with nano-silver formula are much helpful.

Silica for water-proofing and stain resistance

Nano-particles of silica are being incorporated into the weave of a fabric or sprayed into its surface creating a coating that repels water and stain causing agents. The angle and roughness of silica clothing creates enough surface tension to ensure that liquids form into beads and roll off the fabric than get absorbed into it.

Sun-blocking titanium di-oxide and zinc oxide

Getting sun-burnt through your t-shirt is not a new phenomena. A lot of fitness enthusiast have complained of tan and sun burns that has affected their skin .Nano-particles of titanium di-oxide and zinc oxide are incorporated into textiles to protect your garments and your skin from sun-damage. Both particles scatter the ultra-violet rays of the sun as nano-particles rather than as larger particles.

Anti-static particles

Some fabrics, particularly, synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon tend to gather static charge. Whenever you whisk a top over your head you must have noticed a static that raises your hair . But nano-particles that conduct electricity such as zinc oxide, titanium di-oxide and antimony doped tin oxide, can help dispense this charge.

Personal Climate Control

Thermo-regulated fabrics has the ability to turn your clothing into your personal climate control shield. These clothing have the ability to control your body temperature according to the exterior climate. This will allow you to stay protected from the major temperature imbalances.

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