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List of Nano-Technology Incorporated into Modern Marathon Clothing

18 Aug 2019     posted by marathon_clothes

The use of nano-technology in textile fibers has eventually lead to the production of artificially modified clothing .Such apparel is mostly imbibed with performance oriented features which eventually works wonders in helping you to derive the maximum benefit from the activity. The modern activity wear boasts of such qualities as well. Hence, popular private label active wear manufacturer has come up with a unique marathon clothing collection which consist of the best nano-technology features.

If you want to invest in the best marathon clothing , then it would be advisable to opt for such apparel that will help you to ace the cardio with panache. Thus, read on the blog below to find out about the different types of nano-technology oriented marathon clothes available in the industry.


The evolution of sports clothing has begun with the waterproof activity wear. These specific waterproof breathable fabrics are perfect to protect you from wind, rain and even hail. Waterproof fabrics prevent water from penetrating into the fiber and are breathable to allow water vapor to diffuse through fibers. There are several types of breathable fabric namely woven fabric , micro porous fabric , etc which makes it suitable for you to work out even during the rain without drenching altogether. This type of clothing is perfect during such weather conditions when there is a chance of occasional drizzle.


Considering the importance of public health awareness ,manufacturers have faced an increasing demand for anti-bacterial clothing pieces. Sweating during sports activities creates suitable condition for the bacteria to grow. Thus, anti-bacterial sports clothing has been created to help the athletes cope with the diseases as well as unpleasant odors. Such clothing are mostly equipped with a silver underlining which will eventually evade the production of staphylococcus.

UV protection

The application of nano -particles with UV protection properties in Sportswear has lead to the production of UV protection activity wear. The increasing cases of UV radiation, skin lesion and other such diseases has led to the production of state of the art UV protected clothing that will help your skin stay protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Hence, if you’re practicing outdoors especially at the peak hour during the day, chances are that adorning such clothing will definitely help you stay protected and safe.


One of the successful applications of nanotechnology in the textile industry is the production of sports clothing with self-cleaning property. A super hydrophobic surface is engineered with the help of lotus effect photocataytic nano-particles which performs the self-cleaning activity. This type of clothing can be best used for such circumstances when you’re hiking along a mountainous or dusty terrain. Such feature has also been used in the production of tents as well as sports outerwear. Hence, if you’re planning to take an off-beat path for your marathon course, such clothing will definitely be beneficial for you.

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