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How to Prepare the Most Basic Kit for a Marathon?

07 May 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathons are a massive test of strength and endurance and needs a fair bit of preparation for some amount of success. However, don’t let everybody tell you that marathon preps can be really tough and cost a lot of money. In fact, if you have the will and physical condition for it, then results can come in with even the most basic kits. In fact, this blog looks to make it easier for you to get the elements right if you want to make something like this happen in marathon you are looking to perform recently. Let’s take a look –

1.Marathon Shorts

To get the best men’s marathon shorts, you need to know what kind of fitness shorts are good for marathon running. First of all, you should always go for a tight and comfortable compression fit that will reduce air drag to a minimum and also keep your muscles tight and running for longer. Also, you must make sure that the fabric material has a light mesh to keep you cool and also sports a moisture wick feature to help them quick dry during the run, so that you have no distractions. Finding such a marathon short isn’t going to be very difficult and it is a basic need for running a marathon successfully.

2.Tank Tops

Running marathons would be a lot easier if you wear clothes that have no movement restrictions and facilitate maximum air flow over the whole running period. And what better contention for such a clothing than cheap wholesale tank tops? These fitness apparels hit all the right spots as far as running clothes are confirmed and makes it quite easy for your body to cope up over longer distances, thanks to its cooling make, moisture wicking fabric, zero movement restrictions and great air flow!

3.A comfortable pair of Running Shoes

Of course running shoes come under the basic needs for running a marathon and it is self-explanatory as to why! Go for something with light soles, because heavier ones are going to give your feet more load to carry and you are going to be fatigued over time. The more flexible the material, the more the comfort. Also, while going for padding, don’t go all out and choose light padding, because the heavy ones also bring in a considerable amount of weight and you aren’t exactly going for a hike!

4.Wireless Headphones

If you are going to run around 15 miles then it is in your best interest to have music that will keep you going. However, wired headphones can often become a hindrance or distraction while running and you could even trip if it were to fall from your ears. To avid any such mishap, just go with wireless headphones and you are good to go.

These are all the 4 things you will need to make the most basic marathon kit for your next marathon run. So, what are you still waiting for? Go and get to start your full fledged endurance preparations!