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How To Nail Your Marathon Routine In The Hot Weather?

29 Jun 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

Running in the hot weather requires preparation and proper gear that will keep you cool and heat-related illnesses at bay, even as the temperature rises. Hence, investing in the correct gear is crucial to your fitness regime. One of the renowned marathon clothes supplier, has designed such apparel that are perfect for beating the warm weather discomfort with style. Hence, read on to find out more about such effective apparel pieces.

Wear Sweat Wicking Fabric

Your running clothes, including the socks, should be made of a sweat wicking technological modifiedfabric. Technical fabrics pull moisture away from your body, keeping you cooler. Avoid clothes that are 100 percent cotton. Cotton fabrics absorbs sweat, which weighs down the clothing and can cause chafing.

Wear Lightweight Clothes

If you’re running in hot weather, chose lightweight, clothing for your outing. Flowing, long-sleeve shirts can keep you cooler than short-sleeve tops or tanks because they shield more skin from the sun.When it comes to running shorts, choose longer, loose-fitting styles, which protect more of your legs from the sun and also help keep you cooler by offering more ventilation.Tops and bottoms should be light in color because these reflect the sun. Dark colors absorb the sun’s heat hence avoid it.

Hydration Packs And Fuel Belts

Running in hot weather will cause your body to sweat and lose both water and electrolytes in the process. As a result you could become dehydrated and are at an increased risk of a heat-related illness. For this you can opt for two option. Firstly, hydration packs that are worn over the shoulders like a backpack, can carry up to 70 ounces of fluid and are suitable for longer runs. The next option is a fuel belt that holds multiple smaller flasks or bottles. These are worn around the waist and are designed to distribute the weight evenly and reduce bouncing of the belt.

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