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Five Yoga Poses To Boost Your Immunity

01 Dec 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Viral infection is a seasonal friend of every human being. It is difficult to stay completely away from it so we all must do our best to live with them. But have you ever wondered, what can be the best way to enjoy relaxation while staying healthy and energized? Well, it is none other than humble yoga! Studies have shown that yoga affects the gene expression to boost immunity thereby making us less susceptible to frequent fever fallouts. Given in this blog are five main yoga poses that you should look out for to maintain good health in the long run. To get yoga centric fitting clothes get in touch with wholesale sportwear manufacturer and order the required stuff.

Legs Up The Wall

Legs up the wall is easy and allows your entire body to rest and relax. You lay on your back with the hips at the edge of the wall. Sit less than a 90-degree angle so blood continues to flow. Legs should be straight up in the air against the wall. If your legs begin to tingle, gently exit the posture and reset in the Shavasana. This is a mid-inversion. Any inversion offers a major benefit to the body. They allow the blood flow to be reversed.


This is extremely effective for respiratory infections and asthma. It opens your heart, lungs, stretches the abdomen and strengthens the lower back. You must lie flat on the floor on your stomach. Place the palm of your hands beneath the shoulders and pull your elbows in. Press the top of your feet, strengthen your legs and use your lower back to elevate the head and chest.

Spinal Twist

Yoga poses work by strengthening the muscles and gently massaging the organs. It offers movement to stimulate the kidneys, bladder, intestine and other internal organs. You can completely relax in this pose. Lie flat on the floor with arms at the sides and your legs hip-width distance apart. Bend one knee with the toes hooked behind the other knee. Use the other hand to assist your knee to the floor over the other leg. Use the opposite hand to assist your knee to the floor over the other leg. Feel the twist first in your hip and lower back as it spirals up to your torso, neck and head.


The thymus gland acts as a hub for the immune system and resides between the lungs in the middle of the chest. This pose allows your lungs, heart and gland to be stretched. For this, lie on the floor and bend your knee up with your feet flat and a hip-width distance. Straighten your arms and flatten your neck and spine. Use glutes, leg and feet to lift your hips. Decrease the pressure in your neck by distributing the weight in your shoulders.

Childs Pose

This is another very restorative pose to alleviate stress and tension. Kneel and sit on your feet. If you find it difficult, sit on your feet and slowly round down. Tuck your chin to the chest and then leave your arms on the ground at your side.

So, don’t let stress lower your immune system. Work hard but take care of yourself too. With the help of correct form of custom sportswear, doing the aforesaid yoga poses would be easy for you. Hence to get better quality clothes get in touch with sportswear manufacturer who specialize in quality assured apparel.