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Best Features to Look For in Marathon Shorts

08 Jun 2021     posted by marathon_clothes

One of the popular suppliers have come up with a range of womens running shorts that you can have a look through. Therefore check out the blog to find out more about the features that will ultimately help you choose the best shorts.

  1. Tight-fitting and snug to the body, compression shorts are a lot like cycling chamois, without the padding. Since these are designed with a snug fit, they’re warmer and provide the most muscle support. You can also find these shorts stitched in seamless style for chafing-prevention. The stretch allows for exceptional flexibility.
  2. The most popular style of running shorts, v‑notch shorts get their name from the upside down v‑shaped cutout on the outer leg seams starting about a half-inch from the hem. The v cutout feature enables the runner to have a greater range of movement than if the seams were sewn together all the way down. You can also find men’s shorts in such styles starts which provide the most flexibility.
  3. The split shorts also feature a loose fit and the leg seams have an upside down v cutout at the bottom which creates an actual leg seam which is short as the waistband. The split leg-style is a lot more performance style, as it offers the greatest range of motion to the runner, and inseams are typically shorter.
  4. Men’s running shorts are designed with a cut specifically to suit their anatomy. The inseam is often a little longer and the built-in liner has more support in the groin to help prevent discomfort and chafing.
  5. The cut of Women’s shorts fits the female waist, hips and thighs more accurately to get the best and most comfortable fit. It also has less room around the groin area and shorter inseams made for shorter legs.

Contact one of the sought after marathon clothing manufacturers and browse through the expansive clothing catalog that the supplier has in store. You can find a unique range of shorts that are designed for the modern marathon runners. So, look for the MOQ of the products and drop a mail stating the bulk needs to the help team!

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