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A Complete Workout Pants 2023 Buying Guide

08 Mar 2023     posted by marathon_clothes

You want to feel protected and supported as well as look and feel best when working out. Looking great and feeling secure results in better performance. Now before buying workout pants, you should think about the type of activity you are doing, its level of intensity, and the type of weather conditions you will train in. This has an impact on the best kind of cut, construction, material, and even color.

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There are 4 main factors that you should consider if you want to lay your hands on the perfect workout pants.


Go for pants that are made using quick-drying, moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics. Both natural and synthetic fabrics come with their own benefits.

Natural Fabrics

  1. Workout pants made with natural bamboo fibers have strong breathability, durability, and antimicrobial qualities. Bamboo is very light, super soft, and even offers a bit of organic UV protection.
  2. Another natural alternative that is as sweat-wicking and breathable as synthetic fabrics is lyocell. Lyocell is also antimicrobial, soft, and strong.

Synthetic Fabrics

  1. Workout pants crafted out of polyester are a popular choice as they are long-lasting, stretchable, and fast-drying. This fabric is an amazing insulator as well, suitable for every kind of weather condition.
  2. Runners would be happy to know that marathon pants constructed out of polypropylene are highly stain and water-resistant.
  3. For gym workout bottoms, super stretchable spandex is great as it moves with you and adjusts its shape very well.


In terms of workout pants construction, these are the points to look for:

  • Opt for soft-rise seams or seamless pants for a comfortable fit minus any chafing and irritation.
  • Workout pants with a gusset will prevent them from riding up and forming unwanted crotch cleavage.
  • High-waisted workout pants sit securely and support you in the right way, coming with a thick elastic waistband that is less likely to roll down.

While shopping and trying them on, do a squat test to ensure the pants support you and are not see-through. If breathability is your topmost concern, then consider mesh leggings.

Thickness and Fit

Workout pants should allow you a full range of motion, feel supportive, and fit comfortably.

  • During a workout, tight-fitting workout pants are less likely to get in your way or cause any unwanted accidents.
  • Looser fits though less chosen offer great ventilation and are mostly good for low-impact activities.

Go for workout pants with compression as they can support and stabilize your muscles compressing them. Compression supports oxygen circulation and blood flow which can enhance your performance and lessen muscle soreness after exercising.


Based on your personal preference, you can choose flared, relaxed, skinny-cut, or tapered shape pants. Be it yoga pants, running pants, or gym pants, there are three most popular styles available these days— cropped, capri, and full-length.