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6 Must-do Things While Preparing for a Marathon

24 May 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathons can be a grueling task, especially if it is the first time you are going for a run as long as that. No matter, how many kilometers was shown on your personal treadmill, it will always be different on track and that is what you need to prepare for on a mental level. At the end of the day, you might outperform your practice levels, or fall behind, but you should always remember, that mind always comes over matter.

But then again, physical training is also necessary, so that your body gets stronger, performs better, and gives your mind more to work with in the first place. While wearing specialized marathon clothes will definitely help and are not something you should compromise on, you also need to keep at it for better performance. Here’s a look at some of the directives –

Run Forrest Run!

This one probably goes without saying, but preparing for a marathon needs to be done with some serious endurance training. However, one should keep away from drastically increasing their mileage over a short period of time and learn to pace themselves. A good rate is around 10% of increase on running distance every week, which is something you should not go below; but if you feel like it’s little work for you and you are able to perform effortlessly, then you could go higher.

Remember, pushing yourself too hard too fast could get a lot of lactic acid accumulated in your muscle fibers and you could be too sore to run the next day. The trick is to consistent, rather than going all out during practice sessions.

Train with BCAAs

BCAAs supplements, also known as branched chain amino acids are known to quicken muscle repair procedure and lessen your recovery time. Combined with training, this supplement can increase your whole training regime drastically and that will help you to put in more effort every day, thus making it a better all-round training regime. Available in different flavors, these supplements can be easily found in any store and are used by most modern athletes. They are basically a form of protein with more branched molecular chains that increases muscle protein synthesis a lot faster.

Enough of Carbs

For long distances, you need more fuel and that is why high carb loading is very important when you are preparing for a marathon. These supply your body with the required energy and if you want to stay away from simple carbs, then opt for slow release ones that are going to make your whole experience so much better. So go for whole wheat breads, oats, and other complex carbs that are going to supply you with enough for your whole session of practice on the treadmill or in a park.

Stop Junk Food or Excessive Oily Food

Excessive oil intake from food could make you feel slow and get your metabolism in a difficult position, thus affection your metabolism. When preparing for a marathon, it is important that you stay clean and eat healthy during the whole process, just to make sure that your body does not take hours to process food. Have enough greens, fruits, and always keep yourself hydrated, to be in the best shape for a long distance run. Also, have small but regular meals rather than eating a lot on one sitting – this makes it easier for you to take in the calories and not feel like a stuffed toy throughout the day.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When you are working hard and getting your body to reach the stamina of a literal horse, it makes sense that you give it enough rest so that it does not feel like, you are made of soreness all day. Not only will the right kind of rest make you feel refreshed, it will also help your body recover from all the rigorous training that it has been subjected to throughout the day. If you have the right amount of rest, your body just jumps up with leaps and bounds towards becoming more tenacious in the process.

Swim Often

Swimming is also a great endurance training exercise and takes the load off of your joints that keep working really hard on your runs. Also, it is a welcome change from all the monotonous running that can get you bored and lacking in motivation. Additionally, having endurance alone is just not enough and you must run how to pace yourself and breathe well in order to be able to complete the course – and this is exactly what swimming does for you.

These are the six prep methods that you need to follow along with buying the best quality wholesale marathon apparel, to perform in the best version of yourself. So, get started now and you will be able to see more results within a few days!