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5 Tips To Remember When Going For A Marathon During The Winter

13 Nov 2017     posted by marathon_clothes

Winter is here, but life will not stop. If you are a true blue marathon runner, the weather will be your next challenge that needs to be overcome with panache. However, running on the tracks when it is freezing outside can be difficult, especially if you are a newbie. Experienced runners have put forth a few suggestions that can help you be comfortable while attaining your goal, with ease.

Use Layers, But Removable Ones

When going for a marathon, and it is freezing outside, it is always advisable to wear clothes which will keep you protected from the chill. Using layers of clothes is always a smart option. However, wear something that is easily removable. Like wearing a jacket can be snug, but it is difficult to open in the middle of the tracks. But something like arm warmers or gloves can be removed easily. They provide the right amount of protection against cold. So choose them wisely! Wholesale running wear manufacturers have a wide assortment of accessories that serve the purpose well. Pick ones that are made of spandex for it can absorb sweat, keep you warm and looks cool as well. Win-win for all!

Warm Yourself Before Hitting Out

Before you start your marathon, do some warm-up exercises and heat your body. Indoors are usually insulated, hence, you feel comfortable with even the scantiest of clothes on. But once you step outside the comfort of your house, you can feel the chill. Unless you are fine with chattering teeth for the first 10 minutes of your regime, warm yourself up. Cardio or yoga, whatever you prefer will work well. Also, according to experienced marathon runners, warm-up exercises can prevent your limbs from going numb, which is a challenge during the colder months of the year.

Pick The Right Base Clothes

Marathon clothing manufacturers know the plight of the runners during winter. It is not only about the layers, but your base clothes of utmost importance as well. After running for 10 minutes (max) you will start sweating. The clothes you wear underneath should be able to wick the moisture and keep you dry. They should also be able to regulate your body temperature. A t-shirt and a pair of joggers can work absolutely fine. Make sure to pick the right fabrics. Spandex and nylon can serve you well. Both promote breathability of the greatest sorts and can stretch accordingly.

Carry A Bottle Of Water

So you thought that running during the winters will make you less thirsty? Oh dear, you are absolutely wrong. When you start running, you will sweat, regardless the temperature. You will still lose important nutrients from your body and become dehydrated soon. You need to consume water in copious amounts to return the lost electrolytes to your body. This will help you reach your marathon goal faster without exhausting yourself. Talk about being the gift of life!

Take A Break

Setting a goal and achieving it is a tremendous feat. It is applauded by many. Running a marathon is not easy, but you should be careful about your health, especially during the winters. The cold freezes your veins and blood flow becomes slow. This can work up your heart and end with a heart attack. Okay, that is the worst case scenario, but being a little mindful can never hurt. And how do you do that? By taking breaks. Stop to catch your breath. Don’t stress yourself out. If you are absolutely against stopping, then slow your pace to keep things moving, but calmly.

If you have marathons planned this week or maybe anytime soon, keep these points in your mind and then set out to the house. Slow and steady always wins the race. Pick the right clothes from the top athletic apparel manufacturers. Retailers can make a bulk purchase of the same by registering online. Discounts are available for bulk buyers.