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How To Dress For a Marathon Session Keeping In Mind The Temperature

12 Oct 2017     posted by marathon_clothes

Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner or new to the whole regime, the confusion ensuing around “what to wear when going for a marathon run” is unsettling. And with all the fiasco that weather has started showing, it is really difficult to know what to actually wear. now, there is a simple thumb rule to follow here- whatever the outside temperature is, add at least 20 degrees to it, and that is the temperature you should be aiming for. This means that when you pick your clothes, they should be in resemblance with the final temperature.

To help understand it better, here is a comprehensive guide on what to wear three different ranges of temperature. Read closely and use the information wisely.

When The Temperature is…

35 F to 45 F

This is freezing, and you can expect some bone-chilling cold outside. But as mentioned, when going for a run, your body temperature will rise and will keep you warm. However, with temperature on a sub-zero level, carrying extra protection can hurt no one. Your marathon running apparel should be arranged as such so that it is easy for you to remove the layers as more time passes on the tracks. A high-intensity sports bra and a moist wicking tank top should serve you well, whereas knickers for the bottom can be a great pick. They keep your knee covered so you won’t feel cold. They are not too hot either due to their construction using breathable fabrics. Your marathon shoes and socks go without saying. Arm warmers and gloves will keep you protected during the first few minutes of the run, and they can be removed easily as well.

45 F to 60 F

An ideal day during the autumn will flash such temperature which is comfortable but can still get cold. The components and motive behind the marathon clothes remain the same; you should wear clothes that can be taken off easily. However, there is an added motive here- you should also be able to breathe easily and the clothes should be great at wicking sweat. Since the temperature is on the higher side, you will get warm faster. Allowing air to pass and reach the sweat prone areas is of utmost importance. The sports bra and tank tops remain same in this ensemble as well. A pair of shorts will be perfect for not only it aids swift movement but also keeps your legs dry. Now for this one, you can either wear an arm warmer or gloves, depending on your choice of accessories.

60 F and above

60 Fahrenheit and above means it’s hot. The key here is to not overheat yourself. Clothes which allow you to breathe and be cool and comfortable are exactly what you need. It is obvious facts that sweat-wicking qualities for the clothes are a must. They should not only lend a soft touch against your skin but should also soak in all the moisture and dry off quickly. Sports bra, tank top, a pair of shorts, socks and shoes should work perfectly. A trick to cool yourself off is to wet your hair in cold water before going for a run. Cover your head using a baseball cap. Carry a bottle and keep yourself hydrated especially if you are a destination marathon runner. Best marathon clothes manufacturers have a plethora of the same displayed in their catalog that serves you well when going for a run on a hot day.

Hence, whatever the temperature beat it with panache and functionality of greatest sorts. Wearing the right clothes increases your productivity and helps you run better, and bear fruitful results. With the topmost marathon clothing manufacturers constructing the best marathon clothes, retailers will be spoilt for a choice. Discounts are available upon registration online!