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5 Tips From Experts About Going On A Marathon During Winter Morning

13 Dec 2017     posted by marathon_clothes

Expert marathon runners have much to say about running on a winter morning. It is not easy and you have to constantly challenge yourself, but the end result is always satisfying. If you want to achieve a feat and be a successful marathon runner, you need to know a few tricks of the trade. Here a few tips are given by the experts, which if you follow, your morning routine will become easier.

Don’t Bother Much About The Speed

To quote a marathon expert, “Winter running is more about maintenance miles than speedwork.” This directly indicates that you should not be worried about how fast you run, but about how much you ran. Instead of freezing yourself and getting sick by running 6 miles at once, run twice a day when the temperature is slightly less; maybe three miles in the morning and three miles in the evening. This will have the same impact on your body and the chances of getting sick actually diminish. Maintain a decent speed and you will be fine.

Warm Pre-Run And Change Post-Run

If you are going for an early morning run, right after waking up in the morning, make sure that your blood is warm enough before you step out of the house. A few rounds of yoga, climbing the stairs a few times or jumping the rope will get your blood warm enough, and the cold won’t feel cold when you are already warm. This will also enhance your performance and prevent your muscles from becoming too stressed.

Also, after you are done running the marathon, change your clothes immediately. Your core temperature drops as soon as you stop running. Your clothes will be wet with all the sweat you produced during your run. The chances of catching a cold and getting sick are high at this time. Hence, don’t just lazily sit around to take a sip of your morning green tea. Change your clothes, feel fresh and then do whatever you have to do.

Dress Yourself

The struggle of dressing up for winter morning marathon runs is unique in its nature. You want to dress warm using the most comfortable marathon clothes, but once you start sweating, things can quickly escalate into being uncomfortable. Hence, always follow the thumb rule- dress like it is 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

Wear removable layers; the base clothes should have the functional ability to wick moisture and keep you dry. The apparels should further be stretchable and enhance the movement of the body without any restriction. They should promote breathability while keeping you warm. If the temperature drops below zero, wear three tops (including a jacket) and two bottoms (a tight and shorts) to prevent you from freezing. Reputed athletic apparel manufacturers have an inventory full of running clothes which retort to all the needs.

Your clothes might differ, but never forget to wear hats and gloves.

Dress Your Feet

One thing that the experts have repeatedly pointed out is that no matter how warm your clothes are, without the right running shoes (especially during the winter), everything will fall apart. If you pay close attention, you will notice that your feet and palms are prone to colder than the rest of your body. While gloves will keep your hands warm, you have to be extra careful about the shoes and socks.

Your socks should keep your feet warm but also have the ability to wick away all wetness. The running shoes should be anti-slip with great traction abilities. The inner sole should protect your feet from any external blows. Without the right clothes, you won’t be able to run properly. And without the pair, your marathon will fall apart.

Be Motivated (Giving Up Is Not An Option)

If watching motivational videos on YouTube keeps you inspired to go for a marathon early on a winter morning than let that be it. If listening to others or having a running partner makes you feel interested, then let that be it. Whatever keeps you motivated, do it. Don’t quit! Treat yourself once in a while. Don’t feel bad if you miss your regime once in a while. Enjoy running a marathon. Yes, definitely make it a part of your lifestyle, make it a routine, but don’t overexert yourself. If you have goals meet it. Have a mantra, follow it, and you will be fine.

Thus, if you are going for a marathon on a winter morning, follow these survival tips and you will get through. Pick the right marathon running clothes and follow your mantra, success will definitely be yours.