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5 Marathon Fashion Trends for Women in 2018

07 Mar 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathon as a key to fitness has become popular over the last few years. The clothes required for running such a distance while maintaining proper speed has special construction. Often times, fashion is forgone to maintain the functional qualities. Or you stumble over an extremely pretty piece of apparel that does not favor to your performance. Balance is the key and the latest marathon clothes trends for women highlight these perfectly.

There are several fashion trends that have made in the fitness-fashion industry. Want to know what these trends are? Keep reading to find out.

Special marathon running skirts

Up until a few years back, the choice of bottom wear was limited to either a pair of short nylon shorts or an all-revealing compression shorts. But we have left those days way behind us and move forth to ample of choices. Capris and modified running shorts have become a part of the marathon ensemble, but the latest addition to the bottom wear is special skirts. This moisture-wicking, soft on the skin pieces come in streamlined cuts with compression shorts hidden underneath. They come in different lengths and designs, which further add to their popularity. So if you were worried about revealing too much while running a marathon, this is exactly what you need.

Compression tank tops

The theory of compression states that it increases blood flows which prevents muscle cramps and helps muscle recovery after the marathon. Most runners prefer tank tops because the pieces offer numerous functional advantages like easy breathability and movement of the limbs. A compression tank top thus has many benefits to offer, which renders them a perfect choice for long and rigorous marathon sessions. Wholesale tank top suppliers have the perfect pieces in an array of colors displayed in their inventory that are also comfortable to wear.

Subtle shades

One of the top fashion trends for a marathon this year is undoubtedly opting for subtle and basic shades like white, black, grey and navy. However, you can also opt for muted shades like peach and beige to add the touch of femininity to the clothes. Some even opt for dark hues because it is easier to hide the inevitable sweat patches. From jackets to shorts to tops to even shoes and socks, refined colors will take over the world of marathon clothes.

Feminine patterns

Just because you are opting for a subtle and basic shade doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a variety of patterns. Prints and patterns make a cool statement and add a certain amount of vitality to the clothes. From bold slogans to splashes of bright colors, polka dots to stripes, you can opt for any motif you like to give your marathon clothes an elegant boost.

Funky accessories

Showing off your personal style during a marathon is no crime. Opting for a wide range of funky accessories like bandanas, quirky designs on shoes, and even running costumes are all acceptable for a marathon, till you are following the rules and completing the race. Running a marathon is fun, and dressing for it should be fun as well. As long as it is comfortable to wear, go bananas. Nothing is against the rule.

Running a marathon is fun and exciting. To enhance your performance you need the right pieces, however, that shouldn’t stop you from following the fashion trends. The incorporation of function and fashion in the latest marathon clothes is a win-win situation for all ladies out there.

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