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4 Upcoming Marathon Events You Need To Know About

15 Mar 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathon races have suddenly risen to popularity over the last few years. With more and more people partaking in the races, the number of events has also increased over the years. In the next few days, top marathon events have been organized all over America. Keep reading to know more about the races and get detailed information on the same. Also, a simple outline of marathon clothes has been outlined here. To know more, keep reading.

Event 1: Enviro-Sports Napa Valley Trail Marathon and Half Marathon, March 17

A lush single track that runs with background music of the nearby stream, the Enviro-Sports Napa Valley Trail Marathon is a dream come true for marathon enthusiasts. The venue is located in the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park with a challenging course that includes hills, streams, and rocks to make the event a challenging feat. The state park is located just a few minutes away from great restaurants and wineries; so work hard and reward yourself later. A minimum of 300 participants can run for one marathon race. Register today for the position exhaust! The athletes have to check-in to the venue on March 17 by 8 in the morning. Both the race starts at 9.

Event 2: Baltimore Estate Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon, March 17- 18

The 6th Annual Ashville Marathon and Half Marathon are held on the Baltimore Estate. The participants pave through dirt roads overlooking extraordinary hardwood forests, meadows, gardens and Baltimore housing estate. With a limited number of participants, 1525 runners per day, the event is held at America’s largest backyard. Whether you are participating in the 10 miles course or the 26.2 one, the lush greenery combined with the sheer excitement will definitely liven your mood. The half marathon race will be held consecutively on March 17 and 18, whereas, the full marathon will be open for participation only on Sunday. Sign up today before the numbers fill!

Event 3: Publix Georgia Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, March 18

A prestigious marathon event in Southeast America, The Publix Georgia is a worthy participation for all marathon enthusiasts. An Atlanta tradition that is currently in its 12th year, this marathon race combines different distances for the runners. Whichever number you opt for- 26.2, 13.1 or 3.1, the race will definitely help you relax. The perfect scenery has a rejuvenating impact on the participants. The race starts at local time 7 in the morning on March 18. There is no age limit to participation. However, the number of partaking in the 5K race is limited. So register today to secure a position!

What you can wear to the marathon race

It is still cold in most of the places around America; however, you have to be prepared for the race. According to the thumb rule, you should dress for a condition which is 20 degrees higher than the current temperature.

Choose the right base clothes which can include a tank top and a pair of shorts for both men and women. Additionally, women can opt for a sports bra to wear underneath the top to get extra support and coverage. A running shoe with moisture wicking socks, armbands to wipe off the sweat from the forehead, gloves (according to the temperature) and headbands will be the appropriate accessories. You can also wear a digital watch to keep a track of your performance, provided it is allowed on the race course. A jacket should be picked depending on the heat.

These pieces are available with the top manufacturers. Retailers can buy these in bulk at discounted prices.

So if you are enthused about participating in a marathon, register today and run to your heart’s content.