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4 Thoughts That Stop You From Giving Your Best At A Marathon

19 Dec 2017     posted by marathon_clothes

To quote Henry Ford, You can do anything if you have the enthusiasm.

If you are truly interested in running a marathon, you know it is not going to be easy. But that doesn’t cut a way to make excuses and run away from your goal. If you are enthusiastic about your run, aim at improving your performance. But you should not forget that failure is a part of everything. You fail only to rise again. However, giving to negative thoughts is very easy. And when it comes to a marathon, negative thoughts can impact your performance. So how do you deal with some of the ideas and opinions that are stopping you from reaching your goal? Keep reading to find answers.

Thought 1: Can’t Keep Up With The Pace

One of the biggest challenges faced by the marathon runners is pace. Even after a few minutes of run, the pace doesn’t seem to recover. It is because your body is not warm enough to pick the pace. Whether you are going for a run early in the morning or after work, if you don’t perform enough warming up exercises, your speed will not be recuperated. So before you start running for the marathon, stretch a bit and boost your muscles. It is all inside your head! Stop thinking too much and start moving your body a bit.

Thought 2: The Training Is Not Worth It

If you are participating in a marathon, you know you have to train yourself a bit. No reward comes without hard work. Training might seem difficult but it is worth it nonetheless. You might feel demotivated and deduce that the training session is not worth it at all, but in reality, a good training schedule consists of different phases that target your performance step by step. The first thing you need to do is set a realistic goal. You can’t expect to run 21 kilometers the first day; that is just not possible. Start slowly and work your way up. Only then will your training truly become effective.

Thought 3: Clothes Don’t Matter

You might be under the impression that clothes have no impact on your marathon performance, but you are mistaken at a massive scale. Science has proved through several studies that your clothes actually dictate the kind of performance you will have. Marathon running apparel is different from other workout clothes. Most of the running clothes are constructed using technical fabrics which can- wick moisture, promote breathability and allow unrestricted movement by being stretchable. They have high compression which prevents the muscles from getting injured. So if you thought you could just slip into any of your regular clothes and have a successful session, it is time to realize that it is stopping you from performing better.

Thought 4: Even The Gears Are Useless

Running accessories and gear include gloves, socks, shoes, and caps, completed with the recent addition of wearable technology. Manufacturers of wholesale running clothes and accessories have stressed the point over and over again that without the right accessories, you might end up in great trouble. If you have the wrong shoes, you can slow yourself down or worse even, injure yourself. These accessories are important because they are designed to enhance the performance. With a digital watch reflecting your speed and distance covered, you can’t really complain that they are not important. Even your headphones play an important role in motivating you. So don’t skip on your gears and accessories, put them on and keep running till you reach your goal.

These thoughts have plagued the minds of people for long, having affected their marathon performance. Clothes are important, and so are accessories. Training will increase your stamina and your pace will increase when you practice enough. Remember, it is all in your head. Instead of making excuses, take the right action. Running a marathon is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a conviction on your part. If you keep thinking about failure, you will fail! Without a doubt! But you don’t want that to happen. Think positive and be smart to unlock your true potentials.

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