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4 Key Print Trends to Aesthetically Improve the Running Leggings

09 Apr 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathon leggings along with the plethora of functional qualities have become a leading piece in the industry. Loved by all women, the aesthetic appeal of leggings has been limited to solid colors only for a very long time. However, the introduction of different motifs gave the pairs the required boost. This year, the list of key prints is already out and manufacturers are doing their best to incorporate these two, for a final piece that is highly satisfying. If you are a marathon enthusiast, then these leggings will add to your personal style statement. Keep reading to know more about the prints.

Monochrome folk art

Most of 2017 were spent appreciating tribal art and its significance in our society. Many mainstream clothing pieces were streamlined by the motif. The charm showcased by these motifs was undeniable. The acceptance of tribal patterns in the fitness-fashion industry at first seemed like a stretch, but the enthusiasts found a subtle way to represent the motif of marathon running leggings. Using a monochrome palette with the leggings looked elegant and sophisticated. The ethnic-inspired illusions all came in two tones, giving the leggings the right amount of appeal.

Abstract expressions

Where there is tribal art, you’ve got to accept abstract prints as well. These two patterns go hand-in-hand. The art infused monochrome leggings are charming in a subtle way, whereas, he bold abstract expression draws its power from bright colors and valiant prints. Complementary with the season, the abstract theme has been utilized well by the fitness clothing enthusiasts. The leggings are vibrant and have an appeal of their own. Be it a colorful swirl or floral accents, the abstract leggings expresses style like no other.

Pop culture prints

The term pop culture has much to do with a modern culture that is aimed at the younger people. With the increasing awareness amongst the millennial about getting fit, the need for marathon clothes has risen significantly. However, the crowd today wants pieces that cater their preferences. And pop culture prints on leggings is the ideal representation. These look cool and take inspiration from anything and everything like fruits, vegetables, pizzas, hearts, boxes and practically everything that helps make a statement.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are not new in the circuit and their existence can be witnessed throughout the major checkpoints of history. But the ones which are being designed in the modern times are smarter. The use of the term ‘smart’ might seem irrelevant; however, the placing of the prints is such that it flatters the piece and the figure. The patterns imitate snakes, crocodiles, leopards and cows as well to create a stunning collection of marathon leggings that are destined to stand out in the crowd.

Thus, experiment with your marathon clothes by opting for these newly printed leggings. Manufacturers of wholesale running wear have these pieces displayed in the catalog that can be accessed by retailers upon registration. Special offers are also available for bulk buyers!

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