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3 Marathon Gears You Will Need When Going That Extra Mile

12 Jan 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Often times, it has been noticed that a marathon runner falls short just a few miles. While some blame it on lack of practice, some on the clothes; the smart ones know it is solely the fault of the good equipment.

No, here equipment doesn’t indicate towards the big ones, but the small ones, which you can carry and which enhances your performance. It is an easy integration with the rest of the clothes. These wholesale running gears are available with the top manufacturers. Recognized for good quality and efficiency, if you are planning to run a marathon, these will help you attain your goal. Keep reading to find out which are the ones you absolutely need.

The right socks

Unlike regular socks, the versions which are crafted for marathon come in two separate layers. When you run, your feet produce heat, which causes friction between your feet and the socks. This may reduce your speed, which may further stop you from reaching your goal. With two layers to reduce the heat, your feet remain protected. Both the layers wick sweat, allowing the moisture to spread and evaporate subsequently. Regardless of the temperature, a right choice for socks can change the way you run a marathon. The other advantage of this is reduced blisters on your foot. So every time you go for a marathon, make sure to pick a double layered sock.

The right (and must) bottle carrier

Though you might argue that this is more than obvious, most people forget to carry a bottle when going for a marathon and then tire themselves out, unable to complete the race. You sweat when you go for a run, which means that you lose a lot of nutrients from your body. Water replaces the lost nutrients, making you feel energetic. So a bottle of water is a must when you are participating in a marathon.

How do you plan to carry a bottle when running? You will say carrier, but we will say a good carrier. There is a difference between a regular carrier and a race carrier. The latter comes with Velcro finishing, which means that it sticks to your clothes, and won’t slip off in the first instance. The bottle carrier should ideally be light in weight so that it doesn’t weigh you down, slowing your run in the process. Thus, be very careful about the carrier you pick!

The speed and distance tracker

This one is important because it will keep you updated about everything significant. From your heart rate to the distance covered, the running speed to the total run time, with these latest tech installments, it becomes easier for you to keep a track of your performance. If you lack behind, with the correct information, you can make it up on time. Hence, getting a speed and distance tracker is of utmost importance. Since they replicate a watch and can be easily connected with the mobile applications, they can be a useful gear for practice sessions as well.

Thus, it can be concluded that for an optimum run session, having these above-mentioned gears is necessary. No matter how comfortable a cloth you wear, with these, your marathon will become easier and more efficient. Marathon gear and running apparel manufacturers have the best of the techs displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers. The bulk purchase will help secure massive discounts.

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