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Wedding Gifts for the Athletic Couple

14 Jan 2021     posted by marathon_clothes

Buying the perfect gift for an athlete can be difficult, so when there’s an athletic couple about to tie the knot, the question of what to get them can become even more stressful. Because of their athletic lifestyle, you will want to buy them something suitable but also fun and endearing – and one-of-a-kind. That’s a tall order, however, and can leave the most creative of people stumped.

If You Are Wondering What To Gift The Athletic Couple For Their Wedding, Consider The Following:

  1. Athletic Clothing (with a twist)

Athletes can never have enough activewear, and in today’s market, there is a lot of choices available to you. However, before you buy any item of clothing, you will need to know the couple’s size. Mens activewear will typically need extra leeway, whereas most women’s activewear is form-fitting. You may also want to consider the type of fitness the couple embark on so that you get the right workout clothes for their wardrobe.

For instance, if they are avid gym bunnies, then tighter clothing is usually a more popular choice (especially if they do a lot of floor exercises). However, if they like to run outside, then you may wish to invest in some thermal clothing that will keep the couple warm.

Be sure to keep it fun, however. Remember, this is in conjunction with their wedding day, and so you should consider adding a cute twist to the athletic clothing you buy them. For example, head to and buy the bride and groom a pair of wedding-themed socks to wear with their running shoes. There’s a fun selection of The Groom and The Bride themed socks for them to wear the next time they are exercising together.

2.Gym and Spa Membership

You will want to do some sleuthing before you settle on a gym and spa membership for the couple. For starters, you will want to check whether they also ready have a gym membership, and if they do, find a membership that can complement it. For instance, if they have a pre-existing membership, are you able to upgrade it so that they have access to more classes or a pool? If not, then you can always buy them a membership to a local spa so that they can unwind after a session.

3.A Sporty Activity for their Honeymoon

Do you know where the happy couple are hoping to honeymoon? If so, you can always scope out the area and see if there are any cool and fun activities for you to book and surprise them with. If the couple is going to Cyprus, for example, why not book them scuba diving lessons?

Ask whether other friends or family members of the bride and groom would like to chip into the honeymoon activity fund. If enough people do so, you could perhaps gift the couple the money so that they can choose which activity they would like to do.

The happy couple are sure to love any gift you give them, but make sure it suits their athletic lifestyle. From athletic clothing and loungewear to gym memberships, there’s an abundance of gift ideas for you to choose from.