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Types Of Running Wear That Every Runner Must Have

01 Jun 2022     posted by Marathon Clothes

While you may start running in your regular, simple clothing items, such as casual shirts and shorts, they are not exactly crafted for the running purpose. Leaving you uncomfortable, irritated, and with chafed skin, they will be nothing but problems in your running regime. You can easily avoid all of these issues by going for the appropriate running wear. Now, with so many running clothing items made available these days, by reliable running clothes manufacturers, which ones are a ‘’must-have’’?

Covered below are the 5 most important types of running wear.

Comfortable Running Tees

Specifically designed for running, the short and long-sleeved tees should undoubtedly find a place in your wardrobe, instead of the ordinary cotton tops. These running tees do great in wicking all the moisture, allowing better air circulation through your fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable. They are also very lightweight.

Remember, the running tees should always offer a snug fit to you, without being unnecessarily tight so that they don’t start flapping around when you run. If you are thinking of opting for the long-sleeved running tees then instead of slightly baggy sleeves, aim for the cuffed sleeves that hug your wrist right.

Relaxing Running Leggings

Nothing can work better than running leggings when the weather gets cold. They don’t just keep your legs warm but they also reduce the risk of injury. The running leggings should always be relaxing, offering a snug fit. Some manufacturers even offer smart customization options, with the help of which these leggings can be designed in such a way that it can be possible to prevent the rain and wind from penetrating inside.

Moisture-Wicking Running Shorts

Running shorts should be such that when you run, they feel comfortable, lightweight, and can wick moisture, keeping you dry and chilled out. Just make sure that you always go for the right size and only for the ones that come with an inner liner, so that you don’t need to wear anything else with them. Apart from a good elastic waistband, they should also come with drawstrings to offer you extra support. In addition, you should always go for those that feature small zippered pockets, where you can easily keep some cash or store your keys.

Supportive Running Sports Bra

Never fail to get your hands on some quality running sports bras as they work best to reduce uncomfortable and unwanted bust jiggles and bounces. If you would like to take care of your assets while running then make sure to grab the ones that offer you the best fit above everything else.

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