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The Summer Athleisure Tee Style For Men

23 Mar 2021     posted by marathon_clothes

One of the popular suppliers have designed mens short sleeve tee shirts that you can have a look through. Therefore, read on the blog below to find out more about the style ideas.

  1. You want to make sure that you are emphasizing your assets, without overcompensating. Sleeves should sit roughly halfway down your bicep. This actually makes you look taller and, let’s face it, makes arm Day totally worth it.
  2. You want a slim fit through the shoulders and chest. And by slim we don’t mean painted-on. There should be enough room for a breeze to come through, but not enough to fit two people in there.
  3. A classic t-shirt should sit just after below your hips. This will help avoid 90s crop-top moment when you raise your arms above your head. This is great for men who have a body type that slightly wavers to the add bod.
  4. A perfect fitting t-shirt isn’t restrictive, it should skim the body, giving you enough room to move and bend. Always try on a knit or jacket when you’re fitting a t-shirt. This will make sure you don’t get excess bunching under your arms. You will know you have the right size when it’s snug, but comfortable.
  5. If you want to dress down for the weekend, or if you’re lucky enough to be on a yacht, layer a t-shirt with a revere collar shirt for a simple-yet-classy look. The tee really adds to the comfort factor here, especially for guys who might be self-conscious about open shirts. It’s time to scrap the idea of t-shirts only being useful on a reno site, in the garden or while you’re running. There’s way more to summer tees than that.

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