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The Perfect Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt Fit: Things to Check

08 Feb 2023     posted by marathon_clothes

Back in the 1920s, in the USA, sweatshirts first came into existence. After a long journey, today they have successfully broken their image as just a comfortable sports garment, and have become so much more. Nowadays, they find a place not only in exercises and training but also in various cool and casual events. For an instance, an iconic women’s crewneck sweatshirt in wholesale womens sweatshirts is known for its versatility and can be stylishly worn in almost any situation. You just need to find the right fit!

The perfect crewneck sweatshirt fit of course varies from person to person, but there are certain general rules that you can follow.

The Shoulder

Your new sweatshirt’s shoulder seam should sit right on your shoulder bone if you intend to go for an ultra-relaxed look. Your sweats might look too big on you if they extend all the way down to your elbow. On the other hand, it could cause the seam to uncomfortably cut into your armpits, if the seam on the shoulders is way up near your neck.

The Collar

Always keep in mind that the ideal fit of a crewneck sweatshirt always centers on the collar. While one that’s too tight can feel restrictive, the one that’s too loose can make you appear like you are trying to force yourself to go for one that’s not meant to be for you. Always look for a crewneck sweatshirt that allows you plenty of space to style a collared satin shirt underneath.


To make sure your body area stays covered and warm, your new sweatshirt should fit snugly around your hips. However, the fabric should be looser around your bust area. A few inches to wiggle freely won’t make you feel like you are suffocating.


The cuffs of the sleeves of your crewneck sweatshirt should reach all the way to your wrists. Most of these are crafted in such a way, so as to offer you a looser and more relaxed fit on the sleeves. The sleeves should be such that you are able to bend your arms without shortening the sleeves.


Sweatshirts are sweatshirts. They aren’t meant to be used as cropped tops. If you wish to look trendy (and normal like others) in your sweatshirt, then make sure that it reaches right below your hips. If you are wearing jeans, then it should hit the mid-length of your zipper from the front. Also, when you are looking for lengths in your sweatshirt, remember, not all fabrics are the same. A poor-quality, thin sweatshirt could shrink in the very first wash while a high-quality one would stay as it is for a long time.

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