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The Mens Guide To Nailing The Summer Marathon Clothing

13 Aug 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

Fitness and Fashion are having a moment amongst the men at the moment. Today, they are consciously making an effort to be fit while not compromising on their style quotient. Everyone loves ‘’athleisure’’. So much so that fitness inspired clothes are among the hottest trends in the market right now. No wonder, manufacturers are churning out such pieces that have caught the attention of the retailers as well. Therefore, let’s find out in the blog below the essential sports apparel for men.


The most basic thing you can wear to the marathon is a round neck fitted t-shirt. Please do not wear ill-fitted t-shirts as they look very shabby and unattractive. Wear such t-shirts that are styled according to your fit which makes you look presentable and smart even in the gym. You can add fashionable tees to your wardrobe that are designed with white and dark blue long sleeve.

Track pants

Invest in a good slim fit track pants. The fit of the track pants should be such that it is comfortable for you to exercise and at the same time should not be too long or loose. For the warm weather marathon, you can simply opt for mesh scented track pants for breathability.


For summers, you obviously want to wear shorts during the workout which look cool and keep you comfortable as well. These need to be knee length at least, need to be airy and not too tight either. Wear skin fit shorts only while cycling or running and not in the gym.

Tank Top

Need to show off your athletic body while you work out? Tank tops are the thing for you to wear and look trendy. You can experiment wearing interesting/funny text on your tanks which maintain your style quotient. Generally, tank tops are meant to be loose fitting clothing but if you are not that bulky, you can wear fitted ones as well.


Shoes are one of the most essential accessories not only from fashion prospective but for fitness too. You cannot wear just any shoes for the workout. Buy a decent pair of running/training shoes which will help you look good and train well.

One of the popular manufacturers in USA is offering marathon sponsorship proposal to the clients who are looking for such apparel that are trendy as well as functional. These are the perfect for allowing the participants to feel confident in their clothing as well as run effectively.

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