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The Best Running Workout Shirts: A Handbook For Marathon Clothes

29 Jul 2021     posted by Marathon Clothes

When was the last time you rummaged through your bulging collection of complimentary 5K race tees? If you’re like most runners, you’ve probably acquired enough jerseys to equip an entire track team, but only a handful of them are genuinely comfortable to run in. However, wearing the proper exercise clothing is essential. And besides, it’s difficult to enjoy your run if your shirt is wet from perspiration, chafing, or riding up. So retain that fortunate race-day singlet and your sentimental high school gym top, but if you’re ready to replace a couple of your low-quality duds, we’ve got you covered.

Please continue reading for our advice on what to look for in a new running t-shirt.


Most running t-shirts have a more fitting athletic cut than your usual exercise shirt. So, if you’re in between sizes or simply like a little extra space, don’t be scared to try a size bigger. Also, women’s shirts are often shorter and have a more streamlined, tight fit around the waist.


We won’t stop you from jogging in your favorite all-cotton t-shirt, but keep in mind that the fabric becomes heavy when wet and dries gradually. Furthermore, 100% cotton t-shirts will most likely shrink significantly in the dryer. Technical textiles that combine several materials, such nylon, spandex, elastane, and polyester, are superior alternatives. Choose a blend with a more significant amount of nylon if you want a t-shirt that wicks perspiration quickly. If more stretchiness is required, go for more spandex. On humid runs, synthetic materials with open weaves or more giant fibers will also breathe better, and some even have anti-microbial qualities to battle odor and bacteria. Merino wool is frequently used in winter shirts due to its moisture-wicking attributes and capacity to keep you warm.

If you love the feel of cotton, choose a 50-50 mix that combines it with a second, more sweat-friendly fabric, such as polyester. Some cottony softness will remain, but it’ll be more durable and even UV ray resistant.

Tank Tops: Best marathon tank top for summertime when you’re not comfortable going topless or want as little coverage as possible.

Short-sleeve: Short sleeve tops are ideal for warm weather or when you know you’ll be sweating profusely throughout your exercise but yet want some coverage.

Long-Sleeves: When your naked arms need a little more protection from the cold when the temperature drops below moderate
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