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The Best Apparel For Chilly Winter Morning Runs

01 Sep 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

There is nothing quite like a bracing run on a freezing winter morning to make you feel invigorated. Similarly, there is nothing worse than feeling cold in the middle of a long run when you’re still some distance from home. So choose your winter training gear wisely if you want to avoid injury, illness or plain old discomfort. Retail business owners who wish to invest in these can contact one of the renowned suppliers of wholesale running clothes. Meanwhile, let’s read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Running Tights

A lot of men like to feel like the chill winter breeze on their legs and run in shorts during the colder months. Although this sounds fun, it does not necessarily keep you warm.Running tights definitely will because they’re a great way of insulating you from the cold and adding a compression layer to your body, which will help stimulate blood flow to the legs. Make sure you choose a pair of tights which are made of breathable material.


Hands can lose heat quickly, especially on those brutal winter mornings when your breath freezes in front of your face. The technological advances in running kit mean you can get gloves with a wind resistant element that protects the hands from a bitter wind chill.

Base Layer

You need something that fits snugly around your upper body to keep warm, but is also lightweight and breathable to wick away sweat. Avoid cotton as it is a heavier material which absorbs sweat. A wet t-shirt goes cold quickly in the winter and then you will start to lose body heat rapidly.

Long Sleeved Top

Some runners like to wear a base layer and a fleece or long sleeved running shirt on top of that as a middle layer, as well as a gilet or windproof jacket. It depends how cold the weather is and how hot you get, in terms of what you wear.

Windproof Jacket

The wind can be one of the biggest factors to contend with on long winter runs, so getting a good quality jacket or gilet is essential. A gilet gives your arms greater freedom of movement, without offering the overall protection and weather resistance of a jacket. Wear it over your thermoregulated top for protection.

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