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The Advantages Of Compression Clothing For Daily Workout

10 Sep 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

In this day and age of fitness and exercise we focus so much on what we put into our body. But what about what we put “on” our body? Fitness clothing is more important than ever with ever advancing technologies coming in to play, it’s a way we can enhance our performance without any extra effort or training. Thus, to help you make the most of your workout routine, suppliers of womens marathon shorts have come up with a clothing collection you can have a look at. Thus, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

What Is Compression Clothing?

This type of clothing is designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow to the specified limb, compression wear is said to improve performance and shorten recovery time in both athletes and workout warriors when used post exercise. The benefits of compression clothing, no matter how circumstantial, are not only flaunted, they are widely accepted by pretty much everyone in the sports sphere.

Garment Types


Calf length socks have become a standard accessory fitness trend on the race course from 5k’s to ultra-marathons. Post-exercise compression socks have been shown to improve recovery and counteract delayed muscle soreness. Wearing compression socks help improve the circulation without having to lie with your legs in the air writhing in pain! Wearing lower limb garments such as these will keep your legs warm whilst you wait for the starting gun and though they won’t actually make you faster they have been shown to aid in recovery and help preserve maximal power during endurance training.


Focusing on the upper leg and the glutes, some compression shorts feature padded protection zones around the joints for impact risk sports such as skiing alongside cup holders for martial artists and cricket players. Runners who wore compression shorts during long distance trial runs recovered faster and had

Upper Body

Upper body compression apparel is most commonly worn by footballers and gym goers wishing to keep warm during those early morning sessions. Although runners can wear this type of clothing too.Look for compression jersey whilst out in the cold winds of winter will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the pitch.

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