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Stylish Summer Marathon Ensembles That Boost Performance and Look Attractive

21 Mar 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

A summer marathon is fun. Other than the heat, and if you make an early start, marathons are fun. However, wearing the appropriate ensembles to the track is pivotal because it determines your performance. You would certainly want to opt for clothes that are not only functional but also has a great appeal (just because you will be sweating doesn’t pass the idea of you looking like a potato). Certain style quotient has to be maintained. Here is summarized a few running ensembles that balance performance and style seamlessly. Keep reading to find out more.

  • A white tank top, a pair of black running shorts and black running shoes is the simplest and most basic clothing ensemble for a summer marathon. It is easy to incorporate and looks classy. The white and black monochrome combination is definitely worth the fuss, making it perfect go-to running attire.
  • With the conundrum surrounding printed leggings, you can’t skip it this summer. Pick a pair which is bright enough to catch the attention of the onlookers yet performs all the required functions seamlessly. Team it with a crop top in black that is body hugging. Complete the ensemble with a pair of running shoes in black. Manufacturers of wholesale leggings Australia based have many printed versions displayed in their inventory.
  • Sometimes you want to look simple and not sporty, however, don’t want to miss out on your performance either. The time is highly indicative of incorporating colors into your ensemble. A bright blue t-shirt that hugs your body combined with neon yellow shorts is quirky and definitely engaging. Don’t forget about your running shoes which you can pick in any color as long as it complements the rest of the attire.
  • A matching set of running clothes for a marathon is a welcoming break from the usual contrast game. An all-navy outfit that includes a slim fit tank top, shorts and running shoes is fail-safe and will definitely work well. Since darker colors attract more heat, try to stick to the lighter undertones of the navy. Also, use sans motif garments to make a wider appeal.
  • No marathon running clothing ensemble is complete without mentioning one with a pair of leggings. These have rightfully achieved a place in the top ranks of the circuit and in the hearts of the ladies due to the perfect balance of function and fashion these represent. Pick a pair of leggings in black and team it with a navy tank top. Complete the appearance with a pair of running shoes in white.

Dos and don’ts

  • Tank tops are the safest bet during summer for these have openings in all the right places and cover the rest of your body to prevent it from getting tanned.
  • Leggings and shorts not only allow unrestricted movement of the limbs but also promote breathability, making these great choices for the heat.
  • Don’t use too many layers even if you feel the chill. You will feel hot when you are running a marathon. Pick clothes that allow ventilation.
  • Opt for lighter shades to avoid getting too warm.
  • Use accessories like hats, shades, headbands and a water bottle carrier to protect yourself from the heat and keep yourself hydrated. Other wholesale running gear featured in the inventories of the manufacturers includes digital watches, headphones, and armbands.Thus, make sure you have the right clothes and accessories assembled in your wardrobe before going for a summer marathon. Pick on fashionable clothes but make sure that they boost your performance and don’t slow you down. Such garments are available with top manufacturers of marathon clothes that can be purchased in bulk by interested retailers.