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Serious Runners: Your Gateway To Run A Successful Clothing Business

30 May 2019     posted by marathon_clothes

Admittedly, competition is high in the clothing retail market. While you can launch a business very quickly, growing and sustaining it is very difficult. However, that said, this doesn’t mean you should settle for any less profit than what you desire. If you’re smart in your overall business approach, you can unlock a much higher return and the next-level growth.

Spotting Your Opportunity

In recent times, in the fitness clothing scene, the priorities have changed in a big way. Style has become a major consideration for all the business owners to a point where this is all that these retailers now care about. While this has attracted them diverse consumer segments, increasing their revenue, not everything is sunny. Because not everyone who purchases workout and running clothes primarily care about style. And this is where the opportunities have emerged that smart business owners can easily tap on.

Serious Runners- An untapped segment

The serious runners are one of the segments who don’t obsess the style proposition of their running shirts, shorts, and jackets. Their first, second and third considerations are quality, quality, and some more quality. But with the recent market shift where style has become #1 priority in the fitness clothing scene, this particular segment is left wanting more. You can easily tap on this segment to position yourself as a retail leader in this sub-niche.

Wholesale Clothes For Serious Runners

Contact a top fitness clothing manufacturer and purchase wholesale running shorts, shirts, more that are of superior quality. Make sure these wears are crafted using premium quality fabrics that pack high wicking and ventilation properties. They must facilitate easy breathing and dry off the moisture quickly. With the right collection of wholesale athletic shirts, shorts and outwear, you can easily attract the serious runners who are in a desperate search for the right quality wears and NOT necessarily fashionable ones.

And the best part? The pricing, in this sub-niche, has less influence on the demand. So, if you’re bringing the high-quality collection to the table, this segment wouldn’t mind paying premium for it. Meaning, even when you’re getting a limited number of customers every month, you can still enjoy higher runners who are in a desperate search for the right quality wears and NOT necessarily fashionable ones.

Following, once you have established your clothing retail business in this sub-niche, you can take the next step to scale it. Spot more consumer segments whose unique needs are neglected, offer them what they want and follow the same process again.