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Multiple Use Endurance Wear that You Need for a Perfect Marathon Wardrobe

28 Feb 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Endurance sports like marathons and triathlons have always been a mainstream source of competition among fit people all over the world.

Thus, endurance wear too has gained widespread popularity in fitness clothing because of its utility!

To help you out, this blog has listed the top endurance wear that you can own for all your cardio sports – a single integrated sports wardrobe. Here’s a look at what you need to have!

Triathlon shorts

Triathlon shorts are flexible, highly tensile, comfortable, and present a compression fit. Optimised for performance, these shorts are used in multiple sports of the triathlon which include running, swimming, and bicycling.

Highly adjusted to a rigorous routine within a very small time, these can handle almost anything. In fact, today some of the best womens marathon shorts and men’s marathon shorts are made following a similar design!

It could be an all-purpose lower body wear and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting new ones every now and then.

Swimming Gear

A swim suit is another absolute necessity for endurance lovers everywhere. Being one of the best source of cardio training, swimming really helps one to get better at endurance within a very short amount of time.

Compression wear is very good for swimming as well and men and women across the world are going for the unibody sleeved or sleeveless swimwear.

Even though these are compressive, they are made of tougher fabric which are chlorine resistant. Also, the better its fit, the better the performance, because underwater drag is quite high.

Marathon Vest

Marathon vests are a basic necessity and have real multipurpose utility. From using it in your morning run, or gym, to actually running a marathon; it supports all of the above.

So why not get a few? You could shuffle things around and won’t have to wear s stinky vest that will help you win a marathon for the wrong reasons.

Available in a huge option of colours, these come in sleeves, half sleeves, or without any.

Running Shoes

Depending on what type of sports you are opting for, your shoes too should match the physical practise. This is the reason why most endurance athletes by running shoes, which is the most part of it.

Running shoes come in an array of ergonomics in today’s world. However, going basic is never a bad idea. Padding is nice but too much of it actually doesn’t let your feet breathe and isn’t meant for long distance running.
Balance between light and heavy padding according to your feet shape and size – and don’t forget to ask the expert!

All of these clothes are produced by top triathlon apparel manufacturers and retailers are bulking up their stocks from them every season.