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How To Rock Your Activewear Outside Gym in This Year

11 Jul 2022     posted by Marathon Clothes

No longer reserved only for the gym, activewear is now worn by people everywhere—from lunch dates to weekend outings! They are very much socially acceptable today. Bearing in mind, what people want, many manufacturers today are coming up with cool fitness clothes.

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Looking for some help on how to achieve trendy activewear looks? Take a look at these 4 cool tips given below.

Solid Black + Neutral Tones

Thinking of going for an effortless yet remarkably fashionable look? Pair the solid black color with neutral tones. If you want to wear your activewear as everyday clothing then remember these 2 words— “comfort” and “minimalism”. Add any color sneakers of your choice.

Consider Layering

When it’s about stylish fitness clothing, it’s impossible to leave out a tank top. Top skin exposure like going for just the tank top and your leggings won’t really give you the perfect look, consider layering as well, to offer more volume to your outfit. Tying a trendy sweater or adding an extra jacket around your waist provides you with more opportunities to take your casual outerwear look, a level higher.

Mix and Match

Do you know, the key to obtaining that perfect activewear look outside the gym is to mix conventional gym wear with non-traditional ones. If you are going to catch up with an old friend over a cup of coffee then consider pairing your yoga leggings with a nice, comfortable denim jacket! It will certainly provide an edge to your otherwise sporty look.

Wear Quality, Fresh Pieces Always

Unfortunately, there are still some people who think of their worn-out, dull scratched jeans and old, school sneakers as athleisure. Always keep in mind that if you really want to follow this trend then wear fresh pieces that are in neat and clean condition. The outfit should be something that fits you ideally and is comfortable enough to throw on and style as well.

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