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How To Choose The Best Mens Activewear For a Holistic Workout?

05 Jan 2021     posted by marathon_clothes

There are so many different types of activewear that you can choose from. Some feature more high-tech sweat-wicking and odour blocking technology, while others are more basic and directed towards fashion. Owing to the demands for the same, one of the popular mens athletic wear wholesale supplier has come up with a collection that you can have a look through. Therefore, wait no more and read on the blog for the same!

Know The Size

Men’s activewear sizes may differ from the regular clothing size. When you work out, you demand a lot more from your activewear than you do from your working wardrobe, so you may need some extra leeway when it comes to sizing, providing the space to pull, push and twist in any way your training takes you.

Choose Function First

Activewear should be functional, cut with designs and shapes which flatter your form and move with you during training. While a tight T-shirt may show off a muscular physique, it may also restrict your range of motion. Always try your activewear on and check you can function freely in it before buying a size too small.


The rise in the popularity of athleisure has seen the merging of fashion and fitness, encouraging more people to adopt a more active lifestyle, which is a fantastic thing to see. Opt for companies which focus solely on activewear which use trialled and tested technical fabrics to create silhouettes which are designed with a sports specific focus to enhance performance, not to just look good or stay on trend.

Wear Layers

Wearing extra layers to burn more calories is a myth, but what wearing extra layers will actually do is help to provide you with extra variety, so you remain as comfortable as possible throughout your exercise. The purpose of wearing layers is so that in colder weather you can keep warm and drop layers as you heat up and visa versa as the weather gets warmer.

Contact one of the renowned marathon sponsorship and communicate the requirements for the bulk clothing pieces to the help team. You can even purchase custom apparel perfect for your bulk clothing needs. So, wait no more and read on the blog for the same.

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