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How Athletic Clothing Manufacturers Are Tweaking Marathon Clothes To Make Them Better!

16 Jun 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Athletic clothing used to be made earlier using the same method and technology for all kinds of sports. But today, with the improvement of fabric technology and heightened research and development on the subject matter, more and more new specialized active wear clothes are coming into the market to fulfil the requirements of different sports.

Athletic clothing manufacturers do the same with marathon and running clothing today to ensure that athletes get their fair share of fabric enhancement. And if you are an endurance and sprint athlete, the you should know what producers are doing to bring these changes into the whole experience of the sport. Let’s take a look –

1.Reduce Drag with Unibody Fit

Runners need to decrease the resistance caused by their clothes when it comes in contact with air and creates a kind of friction that is known as drag. However, now marathon clothes manufacturers have started focusing on the second skin unibody fit to reduce any contact with air while running and thus getting rid of drag as far as possible! This is one of the main reasons why today you will see professional sprinters not wearing regular super-short sports shorts and rather go for above knee length tight fit shorts.

2.UV Protect Fabric

Since endurance training is mainly done out in the sun, running clothes producers have made sure that athletes do not get skin issues from exposure to the harmful radiations of the sun like ultraviolet rays. This is why, the latest marathon and running activewear come with an active SPF for protection – which gives you a lot to be happy about since it is going help you cut down on the sunscreen costs.

3.Strategic Ventilation

Any endurance athlete or runner will need to keep themselves cool if they want to up their overall performance and modern running clothes made by top manufacturers are trying to help achieve this state better. Having strategic ventilation at different places of the apparel keeps you cool and reduces a lot of moisture draining by inhibiting a lot of sweat. The mesh of these dry fit running apparels is also extremely light on the skin and does its part to keep the athlete feeling light, cool, and airy!

4.Latest Fabric Blends

Marathon clothes manufacturers are constantly experimenting with different fabric blends that will help them with incorporating all of the latest tech into the t shirt and yet not take much away from the comfort of the wearer. And that is where it experiments with different combinations of fabrics to come up with the best yarns that will create running wear for endurance athletes and give them never before experienced comfort with the latest technological advancements of marathon clothes!

5.Moisture wick for fast dry

Fast dry marathon clothes are also one of the most important qualities that has been developed over the past years! The moisture wick nature of the cloth makes it dry fast and thus reducing the overall weight of the athlete while they are running. Also, sweat tends to evaporate using body heat and that creates a kind of fatigue that runners experience when they run with cotton clothes on. But with this tech, all of that by-product is taken care of and what is left is pure performance.

These are the 5 tweaks that manufacturers are using while designing marathon clothes for retailers and distributors – and their research and development teams are always on the lookout to introduce more features or make the existing ones even more effective. So, if you are in fact an endurance runner, don’t worry, because running clothes manufacturers are dedicated to increase your experience and have your back at all times!