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Fitness Clothing Retailer: How To Outdo Your Successful Competitors?

28 May 2019     posted by marathon_clothes

Admittedly, they have more money, more manpower, and better market recognition. But then this doesn’t mean you can’t outdo the top competitors. After all, you have the motivation, don’t you?

If you’re a fitness clothing retailer, here are 5 simple tips to how can beat even the most successful competitors in sales:

Adopt a no-compromise policy in quality

No matter the clothing niche you’re in, if you’re looking to sustain your business in a long-term, quality of the collection should be at the first, second and third spots on your priority list.

From building your brand value to increasing customer retention rate to even triggering word-of-mouth marketing, high-quality wears can be the foundation of your higher sales. So, adopt a no-compromise policy in this department.

Work with only those top leggings wholesale distributors who share the same vision.

Focus on a selected consumer segment

Your successful competitors have the resources to be “everything for everyone”, but you don’t! So, don’t go about targeting everyone.

Be very focused in the consumer segment who you want to target primarily. For instance, don’t go “I want to target men”. Be more specific. Narrow it down according to location, age, occupation, budget, preference and more.

The focused you are in your target audience with a narrowed down segment, the more you will sell.

Personalize your wholesale collection

This is a MUST!

You don’t want to stock the same types and varieties as your competitor, eventually becoming a part of the large crowd. You want your collection to be unique and better.

And this is possible only when you have the right Activewear manufacturer by your side and when you’re personalizing your wholesale order.

So, per the market trend and your customers’ needs, when purchasing your wholesale, customize it in different colors, designs, and styles.

Invest big on social media promotions

If done well, this is a very sure way to skyrocket your sales and outdo the competitors.

Don’t just be on social media platforms. Invest more time and money there. In particular, invest big on Facebook and Instagram stories ad. With less CPM, they have very cheap at the moment, promising higher ROI.

You can reach out to thousands of your target audience in just a single click. And if your message is personalized, engaging and effective, the conversion will be very high.

Don’t compete with them in price

“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about,” says Seth Godin.

So, do give your customers more reasons to care about you and your offerings. Never compete with your successful competitors in price. They can reduce the price of their products and afford the move. When you do that, you will only be hurting your profit margin.

Beat your competitors in other departments. Not in price. Because you can’t.

These are five tips for the fitness clothing retailers on how they can beat their successful competitors.