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Different Types Of Marathon Clothing For Different Climatic Conditions

09 Jul 2019     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathons need a fair bit of preparation on all fronts, training for weeks before the marathon so that you are in the best shape imaginable for the grueling test of endurance and stamina that lies ahead of you. The preparation also extends to clothing because you never know the kind of weather that you will be running in and if you are not prepared on that front, months of planning and training can go to waste. The organizers can plan for the event to be held on a day when the weather is expected to be kind enough for the runners but it’s common knowledge that weather forecasts aren’t full-proof.

That’s the reason why you should be ready to run in any and all kind of weather and be prepared accordingly beforehand to avoid any last-minute rush and disappointment when the event arrives. Marathons have been held when the official race day temperature was 100 degrees and also when it was snowing and raining with a freezing wind chill factor at the start, then hot and sunny by the finish. Everyone reacts differently to the temperature and that’s why you need to figure out well in hand how you are doing to dress in different kinds of weather, and so many things in the sport of running, this too will come from trial and error. So that’s why you should begin preparing now and here’s how.

Here are some suggestions on what you can explore with when it comes to running apparel and the different weather conditions that you might encounter.

Say NO to Cotton

Running apparel has grown exponentially in quality in the past couple of decades and today runners have a lot more options that runners of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Marathon clothing may have grown but cotton is still around, which is a pretty rotten choice for runners. Cotton absorbs sweat and it’s not in the least advised for runners of any distance as it makes the runners colder in cold weather and hotter in hot weather and does absolutely nothing for them to beat the testing climatic conditions. Leggings can be a great option for women if the weather allows it, and there are a lot of options for women to source their wholesale leggings bulk needs from.

Technical FTW

Picking technical clothing is the best choice to win in this crucial aspect and preparing the best for the different climatic conditions that you may find yourself in. Designed especially for running, they have been advanced over the past couple of years and currently are at the absolute pinnacle of perfection. Technical cold weather running gear will help you in beating the severest of winter weather and will keep your temperature in a comfortable range.

Socks do Matter

It’s a no-brainer that your feet need the most amount of comfort when you’re going to be running such long distances in weather, which can be severe and testing. Fortunately, socks too have radically changed over the years for the benefit and health of runner’s feet and are available in a multitude of options today. Merino wool is the best option available in the market currently which not only wicks the sweat away from your feet but also keep your feet warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Shoes matter the MOST

Shoes matter the most in running and anyone who doesn’t believe that isn’t going to be running in a marathon any time soon. Shoes have evolved the most and runners should be fortunate considering the choices that they pick out from. Majority of all running shoes today are designed with super lightweight mesh to allow your feet to breath. Even in circumstances when it is too cold for comfort,most runners have no problem with lightweight mesh shoes. Water-resistant and water-proof shoes are the answer for tough conditions like deep snow and mud running since they are light, flexible and breathable.