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Buying the Ideal Triathlon Suit For Your Next Race

16 May 2023     posted by marathon_clothes

The triathlon suit is a vital part when it comes to triathlon clothing. Other than acting as a running singlet, cycling shorts, and a swimsuit— all in one, it also helps to lessen drag and improve aerodynamics during the main event. A reputable marathon apparel manufacturing company brings a huge collection of trendy and functional Wholesale Triathlon Suit for Marathon!

With so many options available in the market, it can be hard to find the perfect triathlon suit for your requirements. In this blog, you will know about the 5 vital factors that you would need to consider when going shopping for one.

Design and Size

When getting a triathlon suit, design and size are essential considerations. Consider the features and style that are vital to you in terms of the design. Do you like a one-piece or two-piece suit? Do you want a sleeveless or short sleeves design? Do you need ventilation or pockets? Ensure to measure your hip, waist, and chest, and then consult the size chart. To make sure that the fit is correct, it’s a good idea to try the suit once.

About The Color

The color is of course a personal preference when choosing a triathlon suit. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing the color. Visibility is a must and for this, a bright-colored suit is easy to spot, and the next is the impact of color on body temperature. While darker colors absorb heat and light, lighter colors tend to reflect them.

The Fit and Feel

For a comfortable and successful race, the fit and feel of your triathlon suit are important. A suit that feels comfortable and fits well during activity, will let you concentrate on your performance and you won’t be distracted by irritation or discomfort. Make sure your triathlon suit is breathable, crafted out of moisture-wicking fabric, has flatlock stitching, and is snug but not restrictive.


Padding is one of the most common features used by manufacturers, in triathlon suits. It’s a must-have feature in those that are constructed for long-distance triathlons. Generally located in the crotch area of the suit, it offers additional comfort during long rides on the cycle by reducing chafing. When you are picking a triathlon suit with padding, inspect the level of padding to make sure that it’s appropriate for your requirements. It’s crucial to find the right balance.

Additionally, when you are selecting a triathlon suit with an appropriate padding level, consider the distance of the race as well. While thinner padding may be enough for shorter races, thicker padding is what you going to need for longer distances.

Race Distance

When purchasing a triathlon suit, consider the race distance as well. A compressed and supportive-sleeved triathlon suit will be good for long-distance races, and a more breathable and less compressive sleeveless suit will be ideal for shorter distances races.