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All You Need To Know About The Ideal Marathon Running Gear

23 Sep 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathon clothes has been through transformative changes to help alleviate your activity. Running clothing manufacturers have curated a collection of men’s and women’s marathon apparel that is incorporated with unique functional features that will allow you to feel confident during the routine.

Hence, make sure to read on the blog below to find out more about such apparel pieces that are perfect for the marathon for the season to come!

Running Bras

Comfort is key with any running gear, but it’sessential with your bra, which has to provide the support you need without being intrusively tight around the chest. In general you’ll need to opt for a high to super-high level of support with your running bra. The two most common types of running bras are compression bands that flatten the breasts and encapsulation bras that have separate cups for each breast. Mesh sections and cut-outs are great for helping you to stay cool on the run, but in the summer they can lead to strange tan lines.

Running Tops

It’s time to throw away your old cotton t-shirt because a proper technical top is exactly what you need. Technical fabrics will wick sweat from the skin and dry quickly, so you stay cool and comfortable on the run. This prevents chafing and helps to keep your body at the right temperature, cooling you when it’s hot and keeping you warm when it’s chilly.

Running Leggings

The workhorses of your running wardrobe, your leggings need to be comfortable on every run, keep you warm or cold days and keep you cool on hot days. That’s asking a lot, but fortunately there are plenty of pairs that are up to the job.Moisture management is key while you’re running and dripping sweat. Hence, the leggings need to wick sweat away and dry quickly.

Running Jackets

A running jacket can be the difference between enjoying and not enjoying a run, so it’s one area where it’s worth investing a little more. Also think about whether to go for a waterproof or a water-resistant jacket. The former offers more protection from the elements, but is less breathable and can make you very hot when running. Water-resistant jackets will usually shrug off a shower, block the wind and tend to be more comfortable and breathable.

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