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6 Running Clothes Essentials to Complete your Marathon Wardrobe!

13 Apr 2018     posted by marathon_clothes

Marathon running has become quite the sport of the masses with the fitness revolution on its way and things couldn’t have looked better for mankind. However, running as a sport is very different and has a varied set of needs when compared to other kinds of activities. Therefore, running enthusiasts need to get their wardrobe straight if they really want to better their marathon performance in the long run! Let’s take a look at the kind of marathon clothing one will need –

Sweat Absorbent Synthetic Tee

Sweat and running are kind of synonymous and marathons are probably the events that cause the most amount of sweat. However, when you are running for miles at a stretch, you cannot change your clothing for better and this is the reason why you need sweat and moisture absorbent synthetic tee. It would also be a good move to go for something that is a bit on the quick dry end so that it doesn’t become really heavy from the absorption.

Cotton clothes on the other hand are completely detrimental to marathon running. Within no time, these clothes are going to become like rags put on a runners’ body! Also, synthetic clothing makes for lesser skin friction and abrasions that are totally uncalled for.

Active wear shorts

Active wear shorts with internal netting and light weight fabrics are a very convenient and fabled dressing apparel for the marathon. These are breathable and offer plenty of air, keeping the legs dry and ready for action. Pretty inexpensive in most cases, it is perfect for people who feel confined while running with leggings on and can be quite the option for better performance. These shorts are extremely well calibrated with your gym fashion and can come in any color you want them to.

Padded Running Shoes

Running for a long duration is only possible when you feel light and not too strained in your feet. When selecting the proper running shoes, always go for something that is medium padded with extremely flexible soles and light weight material. This will allow you to run better and longer, without your feet feeling sore. You could go for any color you like, but considering that most marathons are run in the day, go for a lighter shade, because you don’t want your running shoes to heat up while you are still having a go.

Sweat Absorbent Socks

Most people will not normally consider socks as an important part of their wardrobe, but marathon runners definitely should. Not only do these keep your feet snug and comfortable during running but also keeps it dry so that you can give your best performance for longer hours.

Always go for pure cotton socks as they absorb sweat better than any other variety; also organic fabrics do not allow bacterial growth which is known to break down sweat and make things stink very bad. Make sure that your socks feel comfortable and give you plenty of flexibility inside the shoe!

Head and wristbands

If you think these marathon accessories are useless, think again. Not only does the head band keep your hair in place but also absorbs scalp and forehead sweat so that it doesn’t drip down and become a nuisance while running. Wristbands on the other hand keep your wrists and forearms as dry as possible and does a great job in making long distance running comfortable.

When you avoid these accessories and think of it as unnecessary, you have a lot harder time, trying to manage sweat and your hair.
Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a digital wrist accessory that also performs as a watch. It uses the wrist pulse to read the heart rate while running and calculate the amount of calories that are burn throughout any activity. If you are an endurance trainee and looking to peak your performance in time, then studying your stamina during heavy cardio activities is paramount!

You will find most of these items with retailers who buy wholesale athletic clothing from manufacturers. These retail shops have all of the above items and you can very well the entire list and be ready for your next marathon!