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5 Ways To Wear Leggings Like Pants Without Looking Shabby

02 Nov 2017     posted by marathon_clothes

Leggings serve us well on the tracks, but they are too useful and full of abilities to let it waste. So make good use of leggings by wearing them every day. And why not? They are comfortable and work well with all clothes. Want to know how to wear them for a fashionable appearance? Here it goes.

Since the weather has decided to play catch and miss with us, one moment there is blazing heat, next, the teeth start chattering. So you have to be prepared for both. Slip into a simple graphic tee in white and team it with a pair of black leggings. A pair of black sneakers and a tight top bun will complete your look. Oh wait, we almost forgot the jacket. Yes, pick a denim jacket and tie it around your waist to walk in panache. Manufacturers of wholesale leggings USA based have comfortable leggings available with them.

If you believe in dressing up and want to look your best at all times, this ensemble is a must try for you. Pick a solid white t-shirt and wear it with your staple black leggings. Throw over a bomber jacket on top to look sophisticatedly sassy. A pair of high tops ankle length boots and aviators will oomph your sex appeal. For that extra dose of drama, wear a black hat!

That nice pair of printed leggings for women which you had purchased sometime back has seen its best on the tracks. But to use it for a casual occasion, wear it under an oversized woolen sweater in a solid, muted hue (to keep the patterns from clashing against each other). Use a printed scarf to bring symmetry to your attire. Furthermore, use a pair of boots to boost your ensemble for a classy finish.

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For a conventional approach, pick a grey mini frock and wear your sheer leggings underneath to look classy. A structured jacket in blue worn on top will add to your stature. A pair of black boost will render you ready for a formal occasion. You can rest assured that every colleague will praise your simple yet effective sartorial expedition.

Leggings can be a pivotal part of a graceful layering mission. Wear your usual marathon clothes- a black sports bra, white tank top and grey leggings and certainly white running shoes. But throw over a nice leather jacket on top and use a scarf for more warmth. A beanie will further strengthen your look, tagging it right for the athleisure trend.

So now that you know how wonderfully useful your leggings are, please make good use of them. Use the correct combinations to stop them from looking sloppy.

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5 Ways To Wear Leggings Like Pants Without Looking Shabby