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4 Tips That Will Get You Through Your First Ultra-Marathon

02 Dec 2017     posted by marathon_clothes

Before the assumption game starts, let’s just get the numbers right. Ultra-marathon is an intensive form of marathon wherein a participant has to run 42 kilometers or 26.2 miles. Okay!! That is a scary number. But worry not. With the right training and tips to guide you, you can achieve success, if not at once, but definitely. To help you through, here is a list of four tips to follow. Read thoroughly.

Train Yourself Hard But Recovery Is Important

Running 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) is not a joke of any sort! It affects your body in a way you can’t even imagine. Hence, before you enroll yourself, take at least 5-6 months to practice. Do long runs twice a week to help your body be in sync with the length and the time. But do set aside time to recover the pain and exhaustion that your body will suffer after a long run. Your ideal week can be planned as such:

Monday- 10k

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 1-hour cardio

Thursday- 25K

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 25K

Sunday- Rest

This will prepare your body and help it cope better with time.

Find The Right Wear And Gear

Ultra-marathon clothing is different from what you wear for a daily run. Your clothes should be well-adapted to the heat that your body will generate after a few miles. The best is to construct the clothes using technical fabrics so that they can wick moisture and allow you to breathe. While high-compression clothes are favorable, ensure that they are stretchable for easier movement of the limbs. If it is cold outside, wear removable layers of clothes like arm warmers and gloves instead of a thick jacket, which can become uncomfortable pretty fast. Make sure that your shoes and socks are in place and fit you perfectly. Ultra-marathon clothing manufacturer china based have the best of the clothes lined in their inventory that helps you reach your goal of 50K without feeling uncomfortable.

If You Are On The Heavier Side, Try Losing Weight

For every pound you lose, you gain two minutes of extra time on your ultra-marathon run. This doesn’t mean that you have to be underweight; it is all about maintaining a healthy weight. Your BMI should not be less than 18 or more than 24. Running 50K with an extra 10-20 pounds will be difficult for you will be exhausted easily. Thus, if you fall on the heavier side and some extra ‘holiday’ pounds, try to lose them first before starting your training.

Do Your Homework Well

It is extremely necessary to understand that an ultra-marathon is not like your regular marathon. While the difficulty level of a normal 21K marathon is pretty high, in ultra-marathon, the difficulty goes to a next level altogether. Know what type of terrain you are running on. Study the course map, profiles and check the stop points. Keep bottles filled with water and any type of liquid handy. Prepare a blood pumping playlist to keep you on track, all motivated. There is an old proverb which states, “Prepare for the best but expect the worst”. The same applies for an ultra-marathon. Know what you are up for, but be ready to be surprised when actually going for a run.

Thus, if you have a goal to complete an ultra-marathon, train yourself well so as to be successful. Nothing comes easy, and once you cross the finish line, your happiness will know no bounds. Thus, don’t lose hope by seeing the numbers. Beat the number and become victorious. Drink lots of water and consume nutrients in abundance. Wear the right ultra-marathon clothes available with the leading manufacturer of the same. Try and try and you will definitely succeed.

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