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Why Yoga Is Great For Menopause?

16 Sep 2020     posted by marathon_clothes

Women officially enter menopause when a full year has passed since their last period. But perimenopause, is equally significant in women’s lives. In fact, it’s crucial to a comfortable transition into menopause. This is also a good time to start practicing yoga. In fact many women enjoy the relief yoga brings to several of their menopausal symptoms. However, to feel comfortable during the workout routine, you need to invest in the correct clothing as well. One of the popular suppliers of wholesale sports bras have designed a collection for women who love to performing yoga. So, let’s read on to know why it’s important for a perimenopause period.

Its A Natural Remedy

A consistently regular yoga practice will help quiet the mind and body and may help reduce the discomfort commonly associated withperimenopause and menopause. Rather than relying on a hormonal approach to menopausal management, yoga is a natural, comprehensive remedy.

It Relieves Stress

A key component of yoga is pranayama, or the Sanskrit word for “controlled breathing.” This breathwork may help lessen anxiety, quiet the mind, and help women achieve a calm mental state during yoga and outside its practice. Pranayama can even improve sleep quality.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Some research shows blood pressure may increase after menopause due in great part to the hormonal changes that take place in the body. Fortunately, yoga is a traditionally utilized antidote. A consistent practice may help promote better oxygenation and blood circulation throughout the body.

Promotes Good Joint Health

Frequent, and consistent, yoga practice may help relieve joint pain. Not all menopausal women have arthritis, but the condition does increase with age. As such, yoga will help to improve the way menopausal women live and work by strengthening joints and increasing flexibility.

Fewer Hot Flashes

Some say hot flashes are linked to an excess of pitta (or fire) in the body that must be released. Yoga is considered an effective way to release that fire, or energy and slow, rhythmic, weight-bearing movements may help.

Relief From Physical Pain And Discomfort

Those who practice yoga regularly have been shown to develop an increased tolerance for pain over time. The specific aches and pains linked to menopause, like neck and back pain, as well as joint pain may benefit from utilizing a natural option such as the regular and consistent practice of yoga.

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