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Making winning and finishing the race easier is the superior range of wears from topmost marathon clothing manufacturer. Never let heat, discomfort and other factors stop you short from running your best. Pushing you beyond lines and inspiring to the core, these custom marathon apparels feature active wicking and ventilation properties that vouch to bring out the real champ in you. From tops to bottoms to outwears, designed with quality, high-performance and durability at its centre—power-up your strides with tight embrace to comfort and, of course, style. Because, after all, running comfortably and in style is always better.

Marathon Clothes


If the name isn’t too suggestive, Marathon Clothes is one of the fastest emerging manufacturers of wholesale marathon apparel. Crafting quality in blend with fashion, ours is a collection striving to redefine its category with marvel oozing from every angle.

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Committed to revolutionize marathon running, we pack a large collection that is advanced on every front. They are made using lightweight, refined fabrics, touting seamless wicking, breathability and temperature regulating mechanism.

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Marathon Clothes


Whether it is a fun run for a cause or triathlons, there would be challenges on way in heaps. Stay prepared to battle out these minor and major bumps swiftly. From high temperature to wind, these custom marathon running clothes have you covered on all ends, ensuring you run faster, you run longer. No more is extreme heat, storm and drizzle a worry. The lightweight fabric gives a buoyant feel that mixes with its technical features to collectively render an easy and relaxed fitting—ideal and counter to every weather condition.

MOQ-200 pieces!! yes, heard it right

Shop for high-end wholesale marathon clothing without punching holes in your pocket. You’re special and so should the offers.

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Never settle for fit-all collections. To suit your distinct needs and wholesale requirement, pick from our wide custom marathon running clothes. Easily tweak the colors, design and fabric construction like never before. In our drive to redefine the industry, we make sure you get exactly what you want.


Stage 1: Ordering Your Needs

What kind of marathon apparel you’re looking for, what are your requirements and preferences? What you want and what you don’t. Pick from our large catalog and explain your unique requirement.

Stage 2: Sample Development

Now we develop samples to ensure every piece falls in the right places according to your exact order before the actual bulk production. If not, we make changes to get things correct.

Stage 3: Bulk Production and Delivery

Once approved by you and on the green signal, it’s time now for bulk production with custom labels and tags. This is followed by finishing, quality control, packing and delivery.

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We, here at Marathon Clothes, aim to be a one-stop destination for all the runners. Our collection is an ideal fit for every type of marathon. Whether it is fun run, stage race, half marathon or triathlon, our in-house teams have ensured to cover all with uniquely designed apparels that are to cater runners of different levels and running in different conditions.

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They and their nice words

marathon running apparel

Kevin Christopher

Excellent collection at Marathon Clothes. We ordered a large bulk from them last month for a race in our town. Not only did the quality of their half marathon apparel was outstanding, but the whole customization experience was different and smooth. Loved their work and commitment to deliver on the order way before time.

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Elizabeth Dunn

It wasn’t a big race and the order wasn’t very big. But the hard work that the team at Marathon Clothes chipped in was remarkable. It was quite easy to customize or order and be demanding to even the details. The price was relatively lower when compared to other marathon clothing manufacturer and suppliers.

wholesale marathon apparel

Maven Dorothy

Without any doubt Marathon Clothes is the best destination to purchase wholesale marathon apparel. Loved their overall enthusiasm and communication level. Needless to say, the custom bulk we got was exactly to our needs and expectations. We have already purchased from them twice. Hope to continue the business with them in the days to come.

wholesale best marathon clothes


So prepare for the race, while we prepare your marathon clothing. Grab your wholesale from the largest and finest catalog. To best fit in your unique requirements, customize from top to bottom, as and when needed. Do all and more without blanking your bank account. We are ‘everything affordable’, which with regular offers become even cheaper. Place your order. Today.Now.

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